Kumkum Bhagya 27th March 2024 Written Update: Prachi makes a request to Purvi

Kumkum Bhagya 27th March 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Monisha asking Dadi what’s wrong with her sitting beside RV. Deepika asks Monisha to sit beside Dadi. Monisha agrees and leaves from there.

Purvi says she will take a plate. Dadi asks Purvi to eat from RV’s plate. Dadaji says he and Dadi also used to eat from the same plate for a long time.

RV and Purvi pull the plate at the same time. The plate gets overturned and falls on RV’s dress. RV asks Purvi what did he do. Dadi says to RV that it happens sometimes. Dadaji asks RV to go and change his dress. RV leaves from there.

Krishna calls Purvi and asks Purvi about her marriage life. Purvi says it is going well. Krishna says to Purvi that he is getting married and he wants to give that catering order to her mother. Purvi agrees and thanks Krishna. RV sees Purvi laughing and talking over the phone. RV thinks Purvi is joking about him. RV goes to change his dress.

Purvi tries to call Prachi and tells her about Krishna’s order but RV takes the phone and argues with Purvi asking her if she was joking about him. Purvi asks RV to stop being self obsessed. Purvi takes the phone from RV.

RV steps on Purvi’s dupatta and falls on bed. RV also pulls Purvi to bed. Purvi falls on RV. RV gets up and says his hands become dirty. Purvi comments on it. Purvi leaves from there.

Prachi talks with Manpreet about Trishna and her order. Prachi decides to call Purvi and tell her about Trishna’s order. Manpreet asks Prachi to allow Purvi to spend some time with RV. Prachi agrees.

Deepika comes to Monisha and questions her behaviour in the downstairs. Monisha asks Deepika how can she asked her to get up to give her place to Purvi. She says she can’t bear anyone near RV. Deepika explains to Monisha that whatever she did in the dining hall is for her wellbeing. Monisha says there is nothing good for her and says she can’t tolerate Purvi in the house. Deepika says she too can’t bear Purvi’s presence and suggests Monisha to wait until time favours them. Monisha asks how long she has to wait. Deepika assures her their time will begin soon.

Prachi on call says to Purvi that they are missing her. Purvi says she is also missing them. She says to Prachi that she called her to tell about the catering contract which they got. She asks Prachi to do Krishna’s contract. Prachi says even she thought to call her to tell her about the wedding contract which she got plus it’s her friend’s marriage. Purvi says Everything is going well with them. Prachi asks when is KK’s marriage. Purvi says it’s tomorrow. Prachi says her friend’s marriage is also tomorrow. She asks Purvi to refuse KK’s deal. Purvi thinks how can she deny KK.

On the other hand, Trishna tells KK that she gave catering order to her friend Priyu. Ranbir/KK says he already gave catering order. While discussing they realise that they both gave order to same caterers i.e Kumkum and feel relaxed.

Diya dreams that she will also get a great guy in her life like Purvi got RV. She calls Purvi to know about her Honeymoon. Purvi picks up Diya’s call and asks how is she. Diya romantically gives commentary to Purvi. Purvi asks her to stop it. Diya asks Purvi to tell her what happened on their honeymoon trip. Purvi thinks of RV’s arrest. Diya teases Purvi. Purvi says she doesn’t have time to talk about it and cuts the call. Diya says she is unromantic and starts watching the movie.

Monisha on call tells someone that she will not leave Purvi if she finds out that Purvi was the one who filed the police complaint. Monisha cuts the call seeing Harleen. Harleen asks Monisha if she is trying to do something to destroy their house happiness. Monisha asks Harleen why would she do that. Harleen scolds Monisha and admonishes her actions. Monisha reminds Harleen how much she loves RV. Harleen says to Monisha that there is no comparison between her and Purvi. Harleen asks Monisha not to do anything again. Monisha thinks no one understands her and thinks she will do what she thinks is right.

Episode ends.

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