Kumkum Bhagya 27th September 2019 Written Update: Ranbir gets confused over his feelings for Prachi!

Today’s episode starts with Ranbir’s mother discuss with Prachi that Ranbir is going through something but he is not sharing with them. She further asks Prachi to go and talk with Ranbir. Prachi says Ranbir is not having any problem he just wants everyone’s attention. Ranbir’s mother worries for her. There, Riya tries to find which song he likes hearing and decides to meet him. Prachi brings tea for Ranbir and the duo does argument again.

Prachi further asks Ranbir why he keeps giving tension to his family. She adds his mother is thinking that some girl has rejected him. Ranbir laughs and says not a single girl can reject him. Prachi says but she can. The duo argues again. Riya overhears their talk and concludes Ranbir is jealous of Rishi.

Rishi brings Priyanka to the restaurant. Abhi and Pragya are present in the same restaurant. Rishi asks Priyanka to stay away from him. Priyanka mistook Rishi and says he is talking rudely with her because of Sahana. She says she will throw her out from his life. Rishi stops Priyanka, Abhi sees Rishi and Priyanka together.

Abhi thinks Rishi is misbehaving with Priyanka and slaps Rishi. Pragya sees man slapping Rishi but couldn’t see Abhi’s face. Abhi fires Rishi from a job.

Purab goes to Aaliya and says he will accompany her on a business trip.
Pragya asks Rishi to tell the address of his boss so that she can talk with him for unnecessary slapping him. Rishi asks Pragya to let the matter go.

There, Priyanka pleads Abhi to keep Rishi back on board. Abhi agrees. Later, Priyanka decides to throw Sahana out from Rishi’s life.

Riya comes to meet Ranbir and talks about Prachi. Another side, Sahana teases Prachi. Later, Ranbir gets confused about his feelings for Prachi. (Episode Ends)

No Precap.