Kumkum Bhagya 28th December 2020 Written Update: Shahana lashes out at Ranbir for breaking Prachi heart

Kumkum Bhagya 28h December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Prachi cries saying what will Mom think about e if she knows about it. Shahana tries to console her. Prachi says he may choosed Rhea but he played with my feelings. Shahana asks her to not cry. Prachi says she won’t cry and goes to wash her face. Shahana remembers Rhea insulting words to Prachi.

Abhi asks are you happy. Pragya says how many times you will ask same question? I’m happy. Abhi asks she is lying than she takes Mike and asks them to switches on the music and she dances for the music and fell in Abhi hands. Dadi feels happy. Everyone looks on. Abhi dances with Pragya. Both feels emotional. Sailesh observes Meera. Meera feels uncomfortable with Abhi and Pragya closeness. Audience claps for their performance. Aliya asks Abhi to start the engagement saying Meera is waiting for him. Abhi asks can she live happily if she marries someone. Pragya repeats the same question if he can be happy with this marriage. Abhi goes to stage.

Ranbir gains conscious. Shahana goes to his room. Aryan says it’s not the time. Shahana says it’s the time, you’re lucky Ranbir because Prachi likes you but Rhea blamed Prachi character because of you saying Prachi is using your inebriated state and she told that you left Prachi for Rhea. Ranbir looks shocked.

Aliya asks Tai to give the rings. Pallavi doctor attends the party to check Pallavi condition. Pallavi asks him to wait until the engagement gets over. Abhi about to place ring to Meera but Pragya keeps her hand, Abhi makes Pragya wear the ring, both hugs eachother it’s turns to be Pragya dream.

Ring fell down from Abhi hand and reaches near Pragya. Abhi calls Pragya, she turns her face. Abhi takes ring Nd asks why are you not stopping engagement when you can’t see it, you can stop it right. Pragya says she won’t stop. Abhi says don’t show that you don’t care , I know you’re hurt so use your right and break it. Pragya in tears hugs him and says she don’t like to see his engagement with anyone. Abhi makes her wear her the ring, her dream gets interrupted by Abhi who calls her for ring.

Aryan tells to Ranbir that Rhea overreacted seeing Prachi with you. Ranbir says don’t know why Rhea told this to Prachi even after my request. Shahana says until now it’s my doubt but now it’s confirmed that you betrayed Prachi and Rhea words are true. Ranbir asks her for chance to tell his version. Shahana says you cheated Prachi and we are fools to trust you and Prachi heart will get broken if she knows this matter and I wish you were not entered in Prachi life.

Ranbir asks Shahana to tell him about where is Prachi. Shahana won’t tell him and bashes him. Ranbir leaves out. Aryan tells to Shahana that Ranbir is doing this for his Mom and what will Prachi do if her Mom is against Ranbir? Tell me what Prachi may do if she is Ranbir place?

Pragya takes the ring and Abhi too goes near her. Ring fell down, Abhi takes the ring and notices Pragya is forwarding her hand. Abhi happily holds her hand.

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