Kumkum Bhagya 28th February 2021 Written Update: Aliya makes Pragya arrested for trying to meet Abhi

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Episode starts with Aliya says Pragya is not my brother’s wife and she shows divorce papers to NGO workers and says My brother feels she is bad luck for him that’s why don’t want to meet her. Pragya says you’re lying and you can’t stop me to meet Abhi. Aliya calls police to their home and tells to Ngo workers that it’s wrong to support wrong people, leave from here otherwise you will get arrested along with Pragya.

Pragya says we are remarried 3 days back and these people are witness to my Marriage and she asks Dadi to answer but Dadi stays silent. Aliya says Pragya is lying than NGO workers leaves from that place after apologizing to Aliya. Pragya begs Aliya to let her meet Abhi once but Aliya denies saying leave from here otherwise police will arrest you.

Prachi says why Aliya and everyone are weird at that place and why Dad is not meeting Mom. Shahana says maybe he is strucked in tough situation. Prachi says Mom will definitely meet Dad and they can’t stop her. Tai asks Pragya to leave before police arrives. Pragya says let police come than they will know and found what you’re hiding from me and others and she requests Dadi to tell her truth.

Aliya asks her to leave but Pragya denies than police enters the house. Aliya asks police to take Pragya from their house. Inspector asks Pragya to leave saying Abhi don’t want to meet her. Pragya says let Abhi tell this on my face than I will believe it because I feel Abhi is not in this house and if he is in house than he is in big problem so atleast check by yourself. Constable says it’s better if they check. Aliya asks Mitali to take contestable to Abhi room. Mitali tells Doctor denied right. Pragya says these are hiding something than Aliya insists her.

Mitali takes Contestable to Abhi room. Constable shouts seeing something and comes out from Abhi room. Murali locks the room. Pragya says their is something wring I said. inspector asks if she saw Abhi. Constable says yes, he is inside and fine. Pragya about to ask her more questions but Aliya asks inspector to arrest Pragya. Dadi says Pragya will leave from here so please don’t arrest her.

Inspector asks Pragya to leave otherwise we will arrest you. Pragya says I will leave after talking with Dadi. Inspector agrees. Pragya asks Dadi to tell the truth. Aliya indirectly warns Dadi. Dadi says she don’t know anything and asks Pragya to leave. Pragya goes out. Tai says wish Meera is here. Aliya says no, it’s better if we maintain less people so Brother truth won’t comeout.

Pragya thinks something is wrong that’s why Dadi stopped hearing Aliya warning but why Dadi needs Aliya support and than she hears Mitali scolding servant for not preparing good food, once they left, Pragya enters inside breaking window and she hears Aliya asking manager to be with Purab who’s in shock. Pragya thinks why Purab is in shock, what happened to him? She goes upstairs. Aliya thinks whether Mitali prepared food or not.

Aliya and Mitali notices broken glass pieces and they runs upstairs to stop Pragya entering Abhi room and she calls Inspector. Pragya about to open lock but Aliya and others stops them. Inspector asks Contestable to arrest Pragya. Pragya requests them to let her meet Abhi once. Aliya says according to doctor report Abhi needs rest and he won’t meet anyone. Pragya shouts for Abhi but police arrests her and takes her to station.

At station Pragya requests Inspector to let her meet Abhi once. Inspector asks Contestable to take her. Constable puts Pragya in lockup. Saritha says Pragya health is not fine still she went to meet her husband, don’t know whether she met Abhi or not, how to help Pragya? Partner can help me than she calls Baljeet Dadi but Dadi rejects Saritha calls and blocks her number m Saritha thinks their is something big and Pragya is alone than she prays Durga maa to help Pragya to meet her husband. Constable gives food to Pragya but she denies to have it. Constable asks her to tell what happened. Pragya tells her everything. Constable sees her daughter in Pragya and asks Pragya to promise her that she won’t try to enter Abhi house so I will talk with Madam. Pragya promises her that she won’t go. Inspector asks Contestable to release Pragya.

Digvijay says Abhi is dead so their is no future for his company. Manager says Abhi is alive but something happened to him so he is not coming out from home. Digvijay ends meeting and thinks Abhi must die than he calls killer to found about Abhi. Mitali calls Aliya for dinner. Aliya says she is not hungry. Mitali says even Rhea denied to have dinner. Aliya feels bad for Rhea. Mitali asks what if Pragya again tries to meet Abhi, we have to be ready. Aliya asks her to relax.

Constable drops Pragya at home. Saritha feels worried and asks what happened. Constable tells to Saritha what happened. Sarita asks Pragya why she didn’t tell her anything. Constable says Pragya promised us that she will never enter Abhi house again so take care of it. Saritha agrees and thanks Contestable for her help. Mitali says don’t take it lightly. Aliya says their is noone to help me, I have to take care of office, Abhi and Rhea. Mitali says she can. Aliya says you failed to prepare food so leave from here and good night. Mitali leaves. Aliya thinks Mitali Bhabhi is right but Pragya can’t enter Mehra mansion again. Killer goes to Digvijay office. Digvijay says how it happened? How can he live after getting shot in head? Killer says maybe manager is lying. Digvijay says let’s found if Abhi is alive or not, if he is alive than kill him immediately. Killer asks what’s their enemity. Digvijay says he won’t reveal until Abhi is dead.

Pragya tries to go out from home. Saritha tries to stop her but Pragya won’t listen saying Abhi needs her and she goes to Mehra mansion. Aliya calls inspector and asks how many days Pragya gonna stay in jail. Inspector says we released her in condition. Aliya shouts at her for releasing Pragya than she calls security and warns them to not let anyone inside the house and asks them to beat Pragya if she tries to enter the mansion.