Kumkum Bhagya 28th November 2023 Written Update: Purvi refuses to believe Pandit’s prediction

Kumkum Bhagya 28th November 2023 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Dadaji knocking on the door of Rajvansh. Dadaji says to Rajvansh that tomorrow they have to go to someplace else. Rajvansh asks his grandfather where are they going. Rajvansh’s grandfather says to him that he arranged a Pooja on his behalf as Rajvansh got into an accident. Rajvansh agrees to come to the Pooja.


Purvi tries to take off the ring from her finger but she couldn’t take it off. Diya asks Purvi if she was able to take off the ring. Purvi says no. Diya asks Purvi to believe Pandit’s prediction that Rajvansh will be her Kumkum Bhagya. Purvi reminds Diya that the Pandit also predicted that her father is alive. Purvi asks Diya to stop having false hope.

Purvi and Diya come to Prachi. Prachi asks Purvi to watch where she is going. Prachi says to Purvi that today is a big day for her and asks Purvi not to be late. Manpreet asks Prachi not to worry and says she is coming with Purvi. Prachi feels relieved hearing this. Prachi leaves from there.

Purvi uses the oil and tries to take off the engagement ring. Diya asks Purvi to take Maata Rani’s name and tries to take off the engagement ring but she couldn’t take it off. Purvi complaints about it to Diya. Diya says she knows this would happen as she thought if Purvi wasn’t able to take off the ring by taking Maata Rani’s name then she needs to take it as a sign that Maata Rani has decided Rajavansh and her as a pair. Manpreet says to Purvi that they are being late and they should go. Purvi agrees and leaves with Manpreet and Diya.

In the market, Prachi drops her bags. Krishna gets out of the car to help Prachi. Prachi picks up her things and she is about to leave but Krishna gives the Ganesh idol to his driver and asks the driver to give it to Prachi. The driver gives the Ganesh idol to Prachi. Prachi thanks the driver. The driver says she should thank his Sir. The driver drives the car and leaves from there. Prachi doesn’t see Krishna’s face and leaves from there.

Manpreet, Purvi and Diya come to the temple. Rajvansh, Yug and Dadaji come to the temple. Dadaji asks Rajvansh to hold Pooja ki Thaal. Rajvansh reminds Dadaji that he doesn’t believe in God. Dadaji comments on Rajvansh. Dadaji asks Yug to go and call the Pandit. Yug agrees and leaves from there.

Manpreet stops Ashutosh from bargaining with the vendor as it is being late for Pooja. Ashutosh comments on Manpreet to Purvi saying she is spending too much.

Dadaji asks Rajvansh to do the Pooja wholeheartedly. Rajvansh doesn’t agree to it. Dadaji acts as if he is upset and leaves from there.

Rajvansh runs into Purvi. Purvi’s dupatta gets stuck in Rajvansh’s watch. Rajvansh untangles it and leaves from there looking for Dadaji. Yug asks Rajvansh to do the Pooja. Rajvansh agrees.

Rajvansh finds Dadaji and apologises to him. Dadaji asks Rajvansh to smile so he could him. Rajvansh tries to smile but Dadaji teases Rajvansh. Rajvansh hugs Dadaji. Yug sees Purvi in the temple and says to Rajvansh about it.

Episode ends.

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