Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2021 Written Update: Alia instigates Rhea against Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Prachi asking Ranbeer whether he will talk to her if she kisses him. Ranbeer goes closer to her lips but Prachi pushes him away. He asks her to give him a kiss. Prachi says he wants kiss eveh if he didn’t complete the task given to him that is to drop Rhea at Bangalore. Ranbeer says he has other intentions because of which he asked her to kiss him because he don’t want to miss it. They both get into a fun banter where Prachi says she wants freedom from him because of which he says she will cry for him once he gives his heart to another girl. Prachi asks him whether he will give his heart to someone just like that. Ranbeer denies saying he will never give his heart to someone else until she is with him. Prachi hugs him. Rhea smirks hearing them and thinks that the another girl will be her as he will give his heart to her in the trip and leaves from there. Ranbeer asks Prachi to tell her love infront of everyone and leaves from there without hearing to her.

Rhea happily takes out the suits to pack but then keeps them back inside as she doesn’t like any of them. She decides to go on a shopping where she will get her loved clothes. She takes out the purse and leaves from there.

Pallavi tells Dida that Ranbeer didn’t hear to her and didn’t respect her. Dida asks her to understand that he would have some work. She says Prachi respects her the most and one day she will realise it. Pallavi says no one respects her more than Rhea. Dida says it’s because she likes her to which Pallavi says she likes her a lot.

Abhi asks Pragya for money but she gives him her credit card and asks him to buy whatever he wants except for alcohol. Abhi asks for his salary but she then remembering his and Tanu’s conversation denies. Abhi tells her that earning money is not difficult for him and he will earn his money from where no one will be able to touch him and challenges her saying he will see to it how she will stop him and leaves from there.

Rhea completing her shopping walks on the road. She stops taxi. But then she sees Abhi and remembers all her moments with him. She walks to him but then Abhi comes forward and covers Pragya with an umbrella. They both leave from there. Rhea misunderstands them thinking that he has missed her but didn’t miss her. And then thinks that Pragya didn’t come to meet her because she loves Prachi more. Rhea decides to snatch everything back and calls Aliya. Aliya instigates her saying Abhi is Pragya’s driver and they are here because Pragya wanted to kill Abhi. Rhea asks her to protect him and defeat Pragya while she takes care of Prachi. The Screen Freezes.

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