Kumkum Bhagya 29th January 2024  Written Update: RV makes Ashutosh spill the beans

Kumkum Bhagya 29th January 2024  Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with RV saying to Yug that Shera gave them the wrong dress. Ashutosh call Bina and says to Bina that Purvi is getting married to Jasbir. RV overhearing comes to Ashutosh and asks Ashutosh to tell him where is Purvi. Ashutosh acts as if he doesn’t know where is Purvi. RV asks Yug to make Ashutosh push onto the car and says to Ashutosh that he will run over him with his car. RV starts his car and threatens Ashutosh. Ashutosh believes RV’s threat and agrees to tell the truth to RV .


Dadi says to Dadaji that they should tell the truth to their family that Purvi has been kidnapped. Dadaji says to Dadi that they should first talk to RV then they should tell their family. Dadaji comforts Dadi and assures Dadi that RV will bring Purvi and asks Dadi not to worry about it.

Prachi scolds Jasbir. Jasbir blames Prachi for not raising Purvi well as she rejected him. Prachi scolds Jasbir. Jasbir points the gun to Prachi to make her shut up. Purvi sees Jasbir pointing the gun to Prachi. Purvi throws a Kalash at Jasbir’s hand. Jasbir drops the gun. Prachi takes the gun and threatens Jasbir and his men. Prachi and Purvi try to leave but Prachi slips and drops the gun. Prachi and Purvi take a rice pounder and they beat up Jasbir’s men. Jasbir takes Purvi hostage. Prachi drops the rice pounder. Jasbir points the gun at Purvi. Prachi drops the rice pounder. Jasbir asks his men to put Prachi in that room. Jasbir’s men take Prachi to that room.

The Tandon family return to the wedding venue. Tandon family worry about Prachi as they don’t have any information about Prachi. Khushi says she will contact Armaan. Khushi leaves from there in the car. The Tandon family decide to contact the police if Prachi doesn’t contact them in 10 min.

Yug praises RV as he threatened Ashutosh and made him spill the beans. Yug asks RV if he is really about to run over. RV says no and says he did that to only threaten him. Yug praises RV. Dadaji calls RV but he doesn’t attend the call. RV decided to call Dadaji once they rescue Purvi.

Dadaji says to Dadi that RV is not picking up his phone. Dadi says they have to tell what happened to Harleen. Dadaji says he will call RV after 10 min and she can tell Harleen if RV doesn’t call them back. Dadi agrees.

Harleen and Hermal assure the guests that the marriage is going to happen. Harleen and Hermal come to Tandon family and ask them what is going on as they weren’t present in the wedding venue before. Manpreet says to Harleen and Hermal that Dadaji asked them not to tell them what happened so that they will not worry. Hermal hearing this says to Tandon family not to worry and says he will go and ask Dadaji what is going on.

Prachi says to Jasbir that what he is doing is wrong. Jasbir gets fed up with all of the drama so he asks his men to point the gun to Prachi’s head. Jasbir says to his henchmen that if Purvi tries to do anything kill Prachi and if Prachi tries to do anything he will kill Purvi. Purvi asks Jasbir not to do it and says she will marry him.

Jasbir asks the Pandit to hurry up. Prachi steals Tiger’s phone and messages RV about her location. RV seeing the message understands Prachi is also in trouble.

Purvi says she doesn’t want to do this marriage. Jasbir’s men points the gun to Prachi. Purvi seeing this agrees to marry Jasbir.

Episode ends.

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