Kumkum Bhagya 29th July 2021 Written Update: Vikram requests Prachi to give his Son back to him

Kumkum Bhagya 29th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Pragya telling Sushma that they have reputation to lose but he has nothing to lose ahd the one who has nothing to lose can do anything. Sushma agrees. Pragya says that he can’t be defeated with hatred or challenge as he questions himself when he is challenged. She says that he can only be defeated with Love but she doesn’t love him anymore. She knows how to deal with him. She says that she knows he wants to create troubles for her and she will deal with him in her way. She leaves from there after assuring Sushma. Sushma thinks that she knows how she must be feeling and her daughter is not alone anymore. She has her. She thimks that she has to do something before Abhi crosses his limits as he has already done it. She gets a call from the Insurance agent who tells her about the damaged car. She remembers about Abhi.

Abhi comes home injured. His dadi asks him as to how did he get hurt. Tanu comes there and says that hr would have got into an accident or would have fell down after drinking too much which he always does. Dadi asks her to bring first aid for him. Aliya says that she will bring haldi for him and goes to bring it. She gives it to them. Tanu asks her to look after the work and she will apply the paste on his forehead. Tanu applies paste on his forehead while Abhi thinks about Pragya and his moments. Tanu thinks that he is looking at her and smiles as he smiles at her. Abhi comes back to his senses and sits up asking her as to what she is doing to which she tells him that he was smiling a while back.

Vikram wakes up from his sleep and asks for Prachi. Prachi comes to him. He requests her to give back his son to him to which Prachi remembers how Pallavi has asked her to leave her son giving him back to them. Prachi promises him. Pallavi gets happy thinking that now her son will be back to her and Prachi will leave. She leaves to make Ranbir’s room ready but stops hearing Vikram say that from now on his son and daughter in law will stay with them making her shocked.

He keeps the phone with the earrring on the bed and she asks him as to with whom he is having an affair. Everyone gets shocked. Tanu shouts at him and accuses him. Aliya asks her not to talk with her brother like that to which she asks her to stay away from the issue. They both argue as Tanu gets personal with Aliya. Aliya leaves from there in anger. Tanu cries saying that she ruined her life by marrying him to which he asks her to leave as he didn’t marry her with consent. Tanu says that she will never leave and stay in the house with right. She sits on the table and asks him about his affair again.

Dadi asks him if ita Pragya then no problem but if it is someone else then he should tell her. Tanu gets furious and asks him about the person and asks whether it’s Pragya. He says that it is a woman but not Pragya. That woman is totally different and is always furious. He is about to say more but Aliya comes there and says that Sushma has come with police. Sushma asks him about damaging her car and demands him to pay one lakh rupees otherwise she will put case on him. The Screen Freezes On Abhi’s shocked Face.

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