Kumkum Bhagya 29th November 2019 Written Update: Priyanka to kill Rishi

The episode starts with Aliya asking Pragya that did she get her answer. She calls her shameful for always being at the back of Abhi despite him despising her. She says that she has always tagged herself to them like forever with or without their permission. She asks her to have some shame and attitude and stop begging like beggar. Pragya having had enough of her hateful words says that if its so then Purab would’ve loved her by now but he didn’t. Aliya gets irked but Pragya shuts her up.

Vikrant, his wife and Meera are playing when they hear doorbell. Pallavi cheats the game with Meera when he goes to check on the door. They gets extremely happy to see Rhea back. They all welcome her warmly and asks how did she come do soon. She recalls her friends warning her about Ranbir and Prachi’s closeness. She just covers that she was missing them. Meera takes her inside and Pallavi says Vikrant about Prachi and Ranbir’s closeness.

Meera comes to Rhea and asks what happened. She says that she’s always insecure about something or other and it’s because of her mother. Meera asks her to not to feel so as she’s always with her. Meera says that she can’t despise her mother without knowing anything. She says about her not seeing her even once in life. Meera says that she can’t judge without meeting her and she would’ve been in some situation that would’ve prevented her from meeting her. Rhea asks her not to support her. Rhea is then worried about Ranbir’s growing closeness towards Prachi and everyone’s warning about it. She tries both their numbers and both are not reachable. She gets irked.

Rhea drags Ranbir and scolds him for alcohol. A cat and mouse game ensues and everyone’s gets out of the house somehow. Principal sees the scattered papers and realizes that some student as visited the home for question papers. Prachi scolds an inebriated Ranbir and blames him for stealing papers. Aryan and Shahana tries controlling them but they didn’t listen and keeps fighting. Finally they manage to separate them and takes them in car. Principal comes out and finds no one.

Priyanka like a psycho keeps looking at a sleeping Rishi with knife in her hands. She says that it’s because of his mistake they are in this condition. She says that she’s going to kill him and will also kill herself so that they can unite in heaven if not in earth. She’s about to stab him when Madhu enters. Madhu Wales Rishi and calls him to check on Saritha Ben and leaves. In the meantime Priyanka hides behind his bed. She gets irked but is adamant to kill Rishi.

Disha calls Ritik who complains about her not spending time with him and going to party with Pragya instead of him. She pacifies him and cuts the call. She sees Pragya upset and asks what happened. Pragya explains what happened. Disha gets happy and encourages Pragya. Aliya sees it and plans something.