Kumkum Bhagya 29th November 2023 Written Update: Purvi helps Rajavansh’s grandfather

Kumkum Bhagya 29th  November 2023 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Yug seeing Purvi in the temple and saying to Rajvansh and Purvi about it. The pandit asks Rajvansh if they can start the Pooja. Rajvansh agrees and leaves from there with the Pandit.


Manpreet while walking on the road accidentally slips and she puts her hand on Krishna who is in his car for support. Manpreet blesses Krishna and leaves from there.

The pandit asks Ashutosh and Purvi to tie this sacred thread by circling around the tree. Ashutosh agrees. Purvi and Ashutosh stand on different sides. Ashutosh goes to take a call and he leaves the sacred thread at his place. The Pandit gives a sacred thread to Rajvansh and asks him to tie this sacred thread around by circling around the tree. A person runs into Rajvansh. Rajvansh drops his sacred thread. Rajvansh uses the sacred thread of Ashutosh and ties the sacred thread to the tree by circling around it. Rajvansh and Purvi do the Saatprakrima together but they don’t realise it. Rajvansh and Purvi do the ritual and later leave from there.

Purvi comes to Ashutosh. Ashutosh says to Purvi that he will come and do the ritual in a minute. Purvi realises she hasn’t done the Saatparikrama with Ashutosh and thinks this ritual is very important for marriage.

Krishna’s car suddenly stops on the road. Krishna gets down from the car to take a taxi but he thinks he saw Prachi in a cab and stops the cab. Krishna sees that it is someone else. Krishna apologises to the women in the cab. The cab leaves from there. It is shown Prachi is in a different cab. Prachi’s cab leaves from there.

Dadaji while walking suddenly feels dizzy. Purvi helps Dadaji. Purvi makes Dadaji sit on the chair. Purvi asks Dadaji if his family is here. Yug and Rajvansh come to Dadaji. Rajvansh asks Dadaji what happened to him. Purvi says to Rajvansh that Dadaji suddenly felt dizzy. Rajvansh says it happens sometimes due to his low BP. Purvi hearing this asks Dadaji to eat some Prashad. Purvi complaints to them Rajvansh putting the ring on her finger and says it’s not coming out. Rajvansh tries to take out the ring but he couldn’t take it out. Rajvansh apologises to Purvi. Purvi sees Ashutosh coming towards them. Purvi acts as if she is complaining to the them about the scooty. Ashutosh says to Purvi that he will send them the bill and takes Purvi away from there.

Ashutosh stop a cab and Purvi’s family get into the cab and leave from the temple.

Rajvansh helps Dadaji onto the bed and asks Dadaji to take his health seriously. Rajvansh says he has to leave and leaves from there. Dadaji and Yug talk about Rajvansh and Purvi.

The can stops in a traffic jam. Ashutosh and Purvi’s family talk about the engagement. Jasveer’s bodyguard overhears this and decides to tell Jasveer about it.

Prachi is shown to be receiving all the guests. Khushi comes the engagement. Khushi comes to Prachi and thanks Prachi for whatever she has done for Purvi. Khushi later leaves from there.

Episode ends.

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