Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Abhi and Gautam get into a fight

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The episode begins with Sushma entering the house and giving the Vegetables to the maid holding them in her hands. A lady comes there where her face is hidden behind the Vegetables she is holding. Sushma takes the vegetables from her and gives them to the maid. The lady is none other than BaghyaLaxmi. Pragya comes there and asks Sushma that what did she bring instead of Vegetables. She apologises for the bad joke. Sushma tells her that it’s okay to throw bad jokes as it will lighten up the mood. Pragya asks BaghyaLaxmi to sit on the sofa and she does. Sushma tells Pragya that Laxmi helped her. She tells her that the vegetable vendor gave her a very thin cover because of which the cover is tore and the vegetables fell dow scattering. She tells her that she was about to ask for help when Laxmi came there and helped her. Pragya looks at her and says that her face itself says that she wants to help people. Sushma agrees.

Laxmi says that her mother also says the same but she has complaint with it because she doesn’t understand as to why she always want to be everywhere and help everyone. Sushma says that she also wants to know to which Laxmi says that she just likes to help people. Pragya says that the charm can be seen in her eyes and getting sad she tells her that she once had the same charm in her eyes which she doesn’t have anymore. Laxmi asks her the reason but Pragya covers up and asks her to never lose her charm. Sushma says that whatever the house she steps in will become heaven. Pragya agrees. Sushma asks her whether she can talk with Bhalla as he is looking for a bride for his son. Laxmi denies and says that she is already engaged ahd leaves from there after promising to invite them to the wedding to which Pragya promises to come without wedding card.

Pallavi stands idle holding the Aarti. Teji asks her as to why she is not performing their Aarti to which Dida says that she wants her to do it because she is elder ahd does the Aarti and welcomes them inside. Teji brings the Kumkum plate on which Prachi steps and enters after kicking the kalash. They take blessings from elders while Teji notices Pallavi’s behaviour. Rhea ahd Prachi also hug eachother while Prachi is in tears and Rhea is completely calm.

Pragya is in the conference when Abhi comes there with a tray of glasses. He keeps them on the table near everyone but when he is about to keep it near Pragya their hand touches and they feel eachother but then they ignore it thinking that they can’t be here. Abhi takes the empty glasses but then the light is on and Pragya and Abhi shares eyelock. They both stand up. Gautam stands up and asks him as to what he is doing here as he is the one to which Abhi says that the one to beat him. Gautam asks the members to leave and asks him as to how dare he say that infront of them. They both get into an argument to which Pragya shouts at them to stop.

Pragya leaves from there after telling Gautam that she knows Abhi and knows how to handle him asking Abhi to come with her to her cabin. They both enter the cabin ahd Pragya asks him as to what he is doing here. He tells her that he is here to serve and to be the bodyguard. He tells her that manager Nasir appointed him and tells her as to how the garage owner gave him the money ahd then searched for a job so that he can pay the interest. Pragya calls Nasir ahd asks him to come to her cabin. Abhi asks her the reason to which she says she don’t want him here as it does something to her. Abhi says that she becomes restless when he is closer to her. Pragya remembers about the confrontation with herself. Abhi comes closer to Pragya. The Screen Freezes On Abhi and Pragya.

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