Kumkum Bhagya 2nd December 2020 Written Update: Rhea asks Abhi to marry Meera

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Pragya cries seeing Rhea pics and tells how she bought everything for her and how she wrote letters to her. Prachi and Shahana, Saritha comes inside and sees the broken state of Pragya. Saritha takes Prachi and Shahana outside and asks them to leave Pragya alone. Pragya cries badly.

Rhea walks on road in tears while reminscing Prachi words to her. Aliya and Abhi sees Rhea is running in road, car is about to hit her but Abhi saves Rhea and takes her to home and assures her nothing will happen to her when she is with him and he asks Meera to take care of Rhea and he takes Aliya with him.

Doctor informs to Vikram that Pallavi is out of danger but keep her away from tensions and make her happy because her heart is weak. Vikram wants to go to Pallavi but Doctor asks Ranbir to go inside saying Pallavi wants to see him.

Abhi questions Aliya what she planning with his family? Why you’re insulting Pragya everytime? Do you hate my family. Aliya says I’m you’re family too and I don’t like if you’re talking me in this way. Mitali listens to their talk. Abhi asks what she told to Rhea. Aliya says she didn’t do anything. Abhi says Rhea is in this condition because if you. Aliya says you misunderstood because Rhea is upset because if Pragya and Pragya proved she lives only Prachi lodging Complaint against Rhea because she wants to get Rhea separated from you.

Abhi tries to stop her but Aliya says Prachi and Pragya came to our home when you slept because of headache and Prachi humiliated Rhea saying she doesn’t deserve mother and Rhea is curse. Abhi says Prachi can never do it. Aliya says You’re not understanding, Pragya came to police station to enjoy Rhea broken state and she didn’t came to station with Prachi to release Rhea but She came here to insult Rhea and you’re responsible for Rhea condition. Rhea cries reminscing everything.

Ranbir meets his Mom and tells her that he got scared seeing her condition. Pallavi says sorry for scaring you but never think to leave from us. Ranbir says he will never leave her and promises to do what she wants to do. Pallavi says I never thought you will leave us for Prachi kind of girl, you can go to her and she cries. Ranbir says he do according to her wishes. Pallavi promises him to marry Rhea if he wants her happiness. Ranbir reminsces Doctor words and promise her. Pallavi says I know you live me. Ranbir says he loves her more.

Aliya says you didn’t bought another mother for Rhea in these 20 years that’s why Prachi got chance to humiliate Rhea, Pragya and Prachi mentally harassed Rhea. Abhi asks her to stop it. Aliya says you can tell me if you love Prachi and Pragya more otherwise bring another Mom to Rhea and marry someone. Abhi says you’re mad because you know how much I love Pragya. Rhea says dont you love me? Won’t I deserve mom love? Don’t behave like you love Prachi more than me. Abhi says he and Pragya loves her.

Rhea says don’t link my name with her, Im noone to anyone than why to live. Abhi says don’t talk in this way, I will do anything for you. Rhea says if you want to prove I’m lucky kid in this world than marry Meera aunty and gave me My Mom.

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