Kumkum Bhagya 2nd December 2023 Written Update: Purvi slaps Jasveer

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd December 2023 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Khushi calling her driver and asking him to take the car right away and says they are leaving. Khushi thinks how could Purvi marry a spineless person. Purvi gets into her car and leaves from there. Jasveer and his henchmen come right after Khushi leaves in her car.


Purvi says to Bina that what Khushi said might be the wrong way but what she said is right. Purvi asks Bina to give back the bangles to Prachi. Bina gives back the bangles and asks Purvi to stop accusing them of being greedy and comments on their behaviour.

Purvi says to Prachi that she shouldn’t have given the bangles like that. Prachi looks at the bangles and thinks of Ranbir.

Prachi says to Bina that no woman or girl is not unlucky. Prachi says to Bina that Purvi is going to be their daughter in law and pleads Bina to never call Purvi unlucky. The entire Ashutosh family apologises to Prachi as they called Purvi unlucky and Bina asks Prachi to forget about it. The pandit also says it’s time for the engagement.

Ashutosh and Purvi take the rings to do the ring ceremony. Jasveer comes and stops the ring ceremony saying Purvi only belongs to him.

Rajvansh picks up Yug in his car and they talk about Jasveer being responsible for fire in the Pandal. Rajvansh says to Yug that the police are going to arrest Jasveer and he is going to the same location to see Jasveer.

Ashutosh asks Jasveer who is he to stop this ring ceremony. Jasveer comments on Ashutosh. Ashutosh parents stops Ashutosh from arguing with Jasveer.

Prachi comes infront of Jasveer and asks Jasveer to leave from here saying he has no work here in Purvi’s engagement. Jasveer argues with Prachi as she made up a reason when he brought marriage proposal to her house but when he was in jail they fixed Purvi’s marriage with Ashutosh.

Jasveer tries to take Purvi forcefully from Prachi’s house. Ashok stops Jasveer. Jasveer reminds Ashok of his age and asks him to move aside. Visakha threatens to call the police. Jasveer’s aide breaks her phone. Jasveer takes out his gun and threatens everyone. Prachi says to Jasveer she would like to talk to Purvi. Jasveer agrees. Prachi gives an example and motivates Purvi to fight back against Jasveer. Purvi slaps Jasveer.

Episode ends.

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