Kumkum Bhagya 2nd February 2024 Written Update: The Tandon family worry about Khushi

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd February 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Purvi doing the Gruhpravesh ritual. Dadi asks Harleen to tell Purvi the significance behind the Gruhpravesh ritual. Harleen agrees and says to Purvi the importance of Gruhpravesh ritual. Purvi pushes the Kalash with her leg and leaves footprints of red on the cloth according to the ritual. Yug asks his family if they can show Purvi the house. Dadaji asks Yug to show Purvi the house tomorrow as she needs rest. Hermal agrees with Dadaji. Damini also satirically says tomorrow is a busy day for Purvi as tomorrow morning is her first kitchen ritual and evening there is Mu Dikhai Ritual. Nupur and Yug show Purvi to her room.


Prachi comes to her home and thinks of her moments with Purvi. Manpreet asks Prachi if she is missing Purvi. Prachi says to Manpreet how much she is missing Purvi and says to Manpreet that she doesn’t like this rule that Purvi has to go to her Husband’s home. Manpreet agrees.

Visakha and Divya talk about where to put the jewelry. Armaan comes to Prachi’s house. Prachi invites Armaan into the house. Prachi asks Armaan what is he doing here. Armaan says he came here to pick up Khushi and says he thinks that Khushi might be angry at him as he hasn’t come to the wedding. Prachi says they thought Khushi was with them. Armaan thinks they are teasing him. The Tandon family reveal to Armaan that they are saying the truth and says Khushi wasn’t even at the wedding. Armaan asks Prachi how is it possible as Khushi called him when she reached the wedding venue. The Tandon family hearing this decides to call Purvi to see if she knows about Khushi. Armaan asks Tandon family not to call Purvi as today is Purvi’s first night and he doesn’t want to disturb her. Visakha agrees.

Nupur brings Purvi to her room and says to Purvi that this room decoration is done by her and Deepika. Nupur sees RV coming to the room. Nupur stops RV from coming into the room and asks RV for her Shagun. Dadaji and Yug tease Nupur. RV gives his card to Nupur and asks Nupur to buy what she wants and allow him go to take rest. Nupur agrees.

The Tandon family couldn’t get any news about Khushi so they worry about her. Armaan decides to do something to find Khushi. Visakha says she will come with him to search for Khushi. Armaan asks Tandon family to trust him and reminds Tandon family that his father knows the commissioner of police and leaves from there.

Diya says to Purvi about Khushi has gone missing. Prachi talks to Purvi over the phone. Purvi says she will come there right away. RV asks Purvi what happened. Purvi says Khushi has gone missing and asks RV if they could go to her home. RV agrees and asks Purvi to change her dress. Purvi agrees.

Prachi scolds Diya for revealing to Purvi about Khushi going missing. Diya says she doesn’t know they decided not to call Purvi.

Yug sees RV and Purvi leaving and teases them. RV reveals to Purvi that Khushi has gone missing and they are going to her house. RV asks Yug not to tell anyone in the house.

Episode ends.

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