Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2021 Written Update: Aliya makes Pandit lie infront of inspector

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Pragya shouts for Meera. Aliya says her care taker contract is over so she left from home, do you have any other proof for your marriage? Pragya remembers Pandit and tells to Inspector that Pandit is her proof and tells to inspector about his address. Inspector asks Contestable to bring Pandit.

Saritha feels worried for Pragya and thinks to wait outside of Mehra house but than thinks I can’t do it because I can’t answer Prachi and Shahana, it’s already 2am and until now she didn’t reached to home, I love Pragya more than my daughter and at this tough time Pragya is alone, please support her God.

Pragya anxiously waits than Contestable brings Pandit to Abhi house and he goes inside to tell this to everyone. Pandit asks Pragya what happened. Pragya says inspector wants to ask you if I’m married to Abhi or not. Pandit says you guys are married with complete rituals and whom I have to tell this truth. Constable asks them to come inside.

Mitali worries thinking what if they found that we are lying because we witnessed the saree. Pallavi says I will do what Aliya said because it’s good for our family so do it like Aliya said. Mitali tells she is worried. Aliya listens to it. Tai says what if Pragya prove her marriage. Aliya says 2 things might happen, one we lose in Pragya hands and other one Pragya gonna lose everything.

Pragya comes inside with Pandit and asks Inspector to know the truth. Inspector questions if he performed the marriage. Pandit says i performed their marriage with every rituals. Pragya says it’s proved that my marriage is valid and don’t know what happens to this house people’s these are hiding the truth and now you can’t stop me to meet my husband Abhishek Prem Mehra and she about to go upstairs.

Pandit goes to Pragya and tells her that he can’t support her in this lie and he apologizes to everyone. Pragya asks what lie. Pandit tells inspector that Pragya requested me to lie about her marriage with Abhi which is untrue. Pragya asks how can he lie. Aliya reminsces how she begged Pandit to lie and tells him that Pragya tried to kill Abhi but he gets saved and you have to lie to save my brother life otherwise Pragya might kill my brother easily if their marriage is proved. Pandit agrees believing her words.

Pragya asks Pandit to tell the truth. Pandit denies. Aliya says it’s proved that you’re lying. Pragya says Aliya gave you money and threatened you right. Pandit says no. Pragya questions what Aliya did to Pandit. Aliya asks Inspector to arrest Pragya before she calls Commissioner. Inspector arrests Pragya and takes her to police station.

Prachi cries knowing Pragya arrest. Shahana asks her what happened. Prachi says they make Mom gets arrested for trying to meet Dad. Shahana says how to get bail. Prachi says Ranbir might help us to get good lawyer and she calls Ranbir and informs him everything. Constable says lady is not removing Ghoonghat to click photo. Inspector asks that lady to remove Ghoonghat but that lady denies saying they can’t open it Infront of others. Inspector says it’s small case so take selfie. Pragya asks inspector to listen but Inspector denies.

Prachi, Shahana and Ranbir enters police station with bail papers. Ranbir goes to finish the formalities. Pragya asks Prachi how you get money to arrange bail and lawyer. Prachi says I mortgaged ring you gifted me because my real jewellery is you. Constable realises Pragya they happily hugs eachother. Inspector says we will arrest you again if you go near Mehra house plus next time you won’t get bail so be careful and sign in these papers. Pragya leaves after signing the papers.

Aliya goes to Rhea room notices how she slept in drowzy state and Aliya in tears thinks Bhai might handle you better but he is not in that situation and I’m already stressed and this Pragya is increasing the problems, glad I stopped Pragya before she founding the secret. Pragya reaches to home and goes to her room. Saritha thanks Ranbir for his help. Ranbir says its not needed and goes saying he didn’t inform anyone at home. Prachi and Ranbir looks at eachother.

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