Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2019 Written Update: Ranbir proposes Rhea imagining Prachi

The episode starts with Aliya apologizing Meera for her rude behaviour. She says that Rhea is a motherless child and she gets over protective about her due to it. She says that she go mad whenever something goes wrong with Rhea and that’s the reason she behaved rude with her. She apologizes for the same. Aliya says that though they don’t have any personal things in common their biggest common thing is Rhea and asks her to protect Rhea at any cost. Meera agrees and promises her of the same. Aliya goes to Rhea’s room to wait for her.

Ranbir is on his way to Prachi’s home. He finds a marriage taking place and steps down from his car. He goes to the marriage venue and starts throwing petals on the couple when all of a sudden he imagines the bride to be Prachi. He imagines himself and Prachi getting married instead of the couple and they both dancing. Ranbir smiles at his foolishness and leaves the place. He comes to Prachi’s house and is about to ring the bell.

He wonders about what he’ll speak to Prachi. He says that he wants to confess that she’s the most beautiful girl on earth and he fell in love with her hopelessly. He then thinks about the other members of the family and gets worried. He finds Prachi’s window open and goes towards it. Prachi too wakes up with the cook breeze and finds the window open. Ranbir peeps in to find Prachi. Prachi gets down from her bed when her anklet falls down. She picks it and is tying it back in her legs while Ranbir watches her lost. Prachi comes near the window and is about to see Ranbir. Ranbir gets reminded that he’s drunk and immediately hides from her view.

Ranbir decides to propose Prachi the best day and leaves. While leaving his shoe lace gets stuck and he bends down to tie it. Rhea comes there and decides to nip this relationship at bud. She rings the bell and Prachi opens the door. Rhea asks for Pragya but Prachi says that she’s with maasi and welcomes her in.

Rhea gets and Ranbir sees them together but leaves. Rhea asks Prachi to only concentrate on her studies and not get into this love games. She says that she’s not made for it and warns her to be in her limits and leaves. Prachi finds it weird and wonders why’s she scolding her unnecessarily. She just brushes it off.

 Ranbir in his house is trying to get sober drinking juice but it didn’t work. He’s all dreamy about proposing Prachi. He opens his cupboard to find Rhea’s picture. He apologizes h to her picture that he now loves Prachi and can’t keep her here. He throws the picture down and leaves to washroom. Rhea comes there in search of Ranbir but finds in washroom and waits for him.

Ranbir dreams of Prachi in washroom too and gets smiles. He comes out and dreams of Prachi in Rhea and proposes her. Rhea gets happy but when he said about fake love she understands he’s dreaming Prachi and gets shocked.