Kumkum Bhagya 30th May 2024 Written Update: Sukhi gets caught by RV

Kumkum Bhagya 30th May 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Deepika calling Monisha and revealing to Monisha how Harleen took a class of Purvi. Deepika says to Monisha that Harleen gave warning to Purvi in her style. Monisha says to Deepika that she is really happy hearing it. Monisha also says to Deepika that RV promised Monisha that he will marry her. Deepika says Harleen reminded RV that he should marry Monisha. Monisha after talking to Deepika cuts the call.

Prachi gets ready to leave to get to her work. Manpreet says something is going to good to happen today as a flower fell from Goddess to her. Prachi says she knows that Purvi will be released from jail and she hopes that is good news and leaves from there.

Diya comes and asks Manpreet for Prashad. Manpreet feels sorry for Prachi as she only lives for others and she doesn’t do anything for herself. Manpreet comments on it. Diya thinks if she should tell the truth to Prachi about RV and Monisha but she later decides not to do it as Prachi will be troubled.

Sukhi calls Monisha as she didn’t give him the money that she promised him. Monisha doesn’t attend his call. Sukhi sees Monisha’s car and tries to follow her but a scooty comes and interrupts him.

Vaishali asks Purvi why did she prepare food. Purvi says the food is prepared by the cook not her and says she is just trying to serve the food. Vaishali says there is no need for it. Harleen asks Purvi to just eat food and take rest as her court hearing is at 4 pm. Monisha comes to the dining table. Monisha asks Purvi to go and see as the trash has fallen out of the dustbin. RV says it is servants work. Purvi says she will do it and asks RV not to worry about it. Purvi leaves from there.

Monisha says to RV’s family that the cops are coming to take Purvi to the court at 11 am. Deepika and Vaishali hope that Purvi will leave this house and never return here.

Prachi prepares for the press meet. Gajendra and Krishna come downstairs. The press ask Krishna about his business. Krishna says this is not a business meet. Krishna says this is a political press meet and asks the reporters to ask Gajendra questions not him.

Trishna asks Krishna why was he rude to the reporters. Krishna says he doesn’t want to steal anyone’s rights and comments on it. Trishna asks Krishna what about his rights. Krishna says to Trishna that he noticed her change in behaviour and asks Trishna not to behave like the people in his past. Trishna agrees and says she will never do it again. Gajendra answers the reporters.

Purvi comes and puts the trash in the dustbin and he comes to RV’s house following Monisha. Purvi asks him to stop. Sukhi loses his keys so he runs on foot. Purvi asks Yug to catch him.

RV calls Yug and asks Yug what is he doing. Yug says he is trying to catch the guy who framed Purvi. RV asks Yug to send Purvi back home as the cops are coming here to take her to court. RV says he will come there. Yug agrees.

Yug stops Purvi and asks Purvi to go back home saying the cops are coming to take her to court. Yug says RV is coming here and he will catch Sukhi.

RV comes to the Yug’s location and chases the Sukhi. RV beats up Sukhi and asks him to tell the truth. Sukhi agrees.

Episode ends.

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