Kumkum Bhagya 30th November 2019 Written Update: Disha and Aliya’s face-off!

The episode starts with Rishi pacifying Saritha Ben to take medicine in his own way and she haves it. Madhu says that she behaves like a child. They both stare a hug. Rhea calls her friend and Rhea lies that she has spoke with Ranbir and he just rubbished it off. Dimpy says that Prachi is trying to get close with Ranbir. Rhea says that they might not be boyfriend girlfriend yet but Ranbir will never leave her for a girl like Prachi.

Abhi sees Aliya asks upset and asks what happened. She says that some things will never change and Pragya still hates her. She leaves and dance announcement takes place. Everyone starts dancing exchanging partners. Disha dances with Abhi but then pushes Pragya to him and they both start dancing but Abhi leaves. At a point Disha and Purab too starts dancing and Aliya looks fuming at them. She hurts herself with her nails and Pragya sees it.

Rhea is waiting for Ranbir and is irritated as both Ranbir and Prachi are not picking up the calls. Aryan comes with Ranbir and Ranbir blabbers in drunken state. Rhea sighs in relief seeing him with Aryan. Rhea says that she’s back home and Ranbir gets happy. Rhea says that she’s leaving and will see them in the morning. Ranbir says that she’s very sweet and he likes it a lot. Rhea hears it and smiles. Later he says about Prachi who keeps torturing him and irritating him with her lectures. Rhea gets irked hearing Prachi’s name.

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कुमकुम भाग्य 30 नवंबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट: दिशा और आलिया का आमना-सामना!

Priyanka switches off the light so that Rishi doesn’t find out once she attacks him. Madhu comes inside to check on the lights and Priyanka attacks her thinking to he Rishi. She jumps hurting Madhu and Rishi comes hearing her screams. He takes her out and Priyanka says that he’ll be alive for some more time now. Rishi dresses Madhu’s wound and they think it to be some thief.

Disha and Purab are about to pick the same glass and Purab offers her it. Purab asks shy does she hate him so much. She says that he very well know about his wife but still why’s he coming close to her. She asks him to stay away from her. Aryan says Ranbir about Rhea’s friends doubting hus friendship with Prachi and Rhea returning for the same reason. Ranbir rubbishes it off and they doze off

Aliya drags Disha in a room and asks her to stay away from her husband. Disha asks if he’s her husband then shouldn’t he dance with her. Aliya says that He can do anything but not with her. She says that if she feels lonely then asks her to marry any other rich guy and she herself will help her but stay away from her husband. Disha says that she herself don’t want her husband. She says that if she needed a guy then she wouldn’t have waited for so long. Aliya taunts her too much and Disha having had enough says that she wants Purab back and she will steal him away from her. Aliya taunt  her for giving lecture about saving relationships when she herself failed it.