Kumkum Bhagya 30th November 2020 Written Update: Rhea breaks her relation with Pragya and Prachi

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The episode starts with Rhea says they are not her family. Aliya sees everything from upstair. Prachi says she is arrogant, how can she talk with us in this way. Pragya asks Rhea to don’t get angry. Rhea says I can’t forgive the person who send me to jail. Pragya says she went to station to release her and says that she didn’t lodged that fir.

Rhea asks her to prove it. Pragya says I’m here during Diwali day than when I complaint against you. Rhea says you might did something because you went to call someone. Pragya says she went to call Prachi. Rhea says end this emotional talks and I thought my world is complete seeing you and I forgave your mistakes but you make it harsh reality by proving how much you hate me because you just love Prachi and you’re worst mother.

Prachi says stop it, Mom always used to miss you and she always pray for you before than me and she used to make Kheer for me and cupcakes for you so don’t say she hates you without knowing anything. Rhea sats both are giving same speech. Prachi asks her to feel the Pragya love saying she is amazing mom. Rhea says she is best for you not for me, I’m just mistake for her. Pragya apologies to her. Rhea says do you even know how much I missed you in last 20years?

Pragya says I live you but that time situation is different. Rhea says understand that I’m breaking my every relationship with both of you and love your Prachi and leave from my house. Prachi tries to stop but Rhea says don’t talk with me because I hate you the most and leave my house immediately. Prachi takes Pragya from that place saying they came to wrong place. Aliya enjoys it. Rhea asks to close every door. Mitali closes the door.

Ranbir calls Prachi but she misses the phone at home, he calls to Landline. Saritha attends the call. Ranbir says that he wants to talk with Prachi. Saritha says Prachi is not at home and tell me if I have to convey any important message.Ranbir says tell her that I’m coming to meet her in sometime. Saritha asks why I feel some bad happens with Prachi.

Meera thinks Rhea looks disturbed because of her Mom. Pragya cries reminscing Rhea words. Prachi consoles her and takes her with her. Pragya breaksdown while reminscing her moments with Abhi and kids. Prachi goes inside seeing Pragya tears. Aliya says don’t feel sad Rhea because you did correct with them.

Prachi knocks the door badly. Rhea opens the door and asks you, where is your Mom. Prachi says you don’t know how to respect elders. Aliya warns Prachi to not talk anything against Rhea. Prachi says Rhea broken my Mom so I came to tell her that she did bad, glad we are away from you otherwise Mom may felt bad everyday for having a daughter like you and it’s written in my fate to have Mom because you don’t deserve it. Mitali scolds her. Rhea sats she will answer her.

Meera asks Prachi to leave but Rhea stop Meera and says that she will teach her lesson. Prachi says you deserve to be in jail but she didn’t complaint against you. Aliya says you want her in jail so you can occupy place in this house. Prachi says you’re not good otherwise you may tried to reunite Rhea with her Mom correcting her mistake.

Prachi says Mom used to say this me , children can be bad but Mom can never be Bad to her children and your dream about to get completed because Mom came to you but you ruined it closing your eyes and your heart is filled with Hate so you can’t get anyone’s love and noone can become your Mom. Rhea throws Prachi away and closes the door asking Prachi to never show her face.

Aliya says forget about them because you did good. Rhea goes to her room in tears and breaksdown reminscing her moments with Pragya and cries saying Mom. Pragya says Rhea needs her and about to go inside and Prachi stops her saying Rhea don’t need you because she hates you. Abhi wakesup and sees the fell down pic of Rhea.

Pragya says Rhea is just angry. Prachi says she hates you and closed every door for you so understand that it’s ended. Pragya cries saying how it happens. Abhi thinks to call Rhea but notices his battery is dead and thinks why his headache is unbearable? Is it signing something bad? Than he opens the curtains of his room.

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