Kumkum Bhagya 30th November 2023 Written Update: Bina accuses Purvi of being inauspicious

Kumkum Bhagya 30th  November 2023 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Diya looking at Purvi saying she is perfect. Khushi comes into Purvi’s room. Khushi praises Purvi seeing her. Khushi puts black spot to Purvi and hopes that Purvi will not get anyone’s evil eye. Khushi says to Purvi that she took Purvi into her arms when she was born and then she decided that she will always take care of Purvi. Khushi asks Purvi to come to the function. Purvi says she will come in a minute. Khushi agrees and leaves from there. Diya asks Purvi why hasn’t she left as she is already ready. Purvi says she couldn’t go out without taking the engagement ring of her finger.


Krishna thinks about Purvi and thinks if Purvi invited him to her engagement then he would have gone to her engagement. Krishna blessed Purvi in his heart. Prachi thinks if Ranbir was here then he would have done all the things with his own hands.

Ashutosh and his family comes to Prachi’s house. Ashutosh slips and falls on Khushi. Khushi asks Ashutosh if he can’t even see where he is going as he has fallen on her. Ashutosh’s aunt defends Ashutosh and says Ashutosh has slipped and fallen on the ground and Khushi is scolding her. Prachi says to Khushi that there is nothing like that and says Khushi is just joking.

Jasveer’s bodyguard comes to Jasveer and says to Jasveer that today is Purvi’s engagement. Jasveer gets outraged hearing this and says Purvi belongs to only him.

Khushi comes and asks Purvi to come and says everyone is calling her. Khushi sees Purvi’s finger and asks Purvi why did she injure her hand like this. Purvi says the ring isn’t coming out of her finger. Khushi scolds Purvi for hurting herself like this. Khushi calls Mansuk their family jeweller and asks Mansuk to send a gold smith to take off the ring. Mansuk agrees. Khushi asks Purvi not to worry as the gold smith is coming.

Bina and Ashutosh’s aunt talk about Ashutosh’s scooty accident. Bina brings Ashutosh’s aunt infront of Prachi and talks about Ashutosh’s accident. Bina asks Prachi to do Pooja on behalf of Purvi. Prachi asks Bina why is that. Bina says to Prachi that Purvi has become inauspicious person to Ashutosh.

The gold smith comes to Purvi’s room. The gold smith applies oil on the ring and tries to take it out but Purvi feels pain so Khushi tries to take off the ring. Khushi succeeds in doing it. Khushi thanks the gold smith for his help and sends him away.

Bina and Ashutosh’s aunt argue with Prachi saying Purvi is inauspicious as Ashutosh has never gone into an accident and Ashutosh got into such a big accident that his scooty is completely broken. Prachi says they can think of it another way and says Ashutosh is safe and sound as Purvi’s luck saved him. Ashutosh’s aunt says to Prachi that engagement will only happen after the Pandit does the Pooja for Ashutosh’s well being.

Episode ends.

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