Kumkum Bhagya 30th September 2021 Written Update: Abhi saves Pragya from the Goons

Kumkum Bhagya 30th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Pragya walking on the riad saying that she thought that Abhi will come behind her but then he didn’t come. She regrets for leaving the house. She thinks that he was saying the truth when he said that he will chose his alcohol over her anytime. Pragya keeps walking on the road.

Tanu gets ready in a black nightie and asks Aliya how she is looking. Aliya says she is looking nice and asks her why did she change her looks like this. Tanu says to impress Abhi. She says he should think that she has always been with him in his thick and thin. Then coming to her looks she says face should be beautiful as well which she have hence she wants him to come behind her. Aliya asks her whether she started loving Abhi again. Tanu says she doesn’t know that but then Abhi has always been soneone for whom she has done a lot in her life, just to get him amd hence she can’t give up on him just like that. Aliya smirks. Tanu says she wants him to love her. Aliya hides something to which Tanu asks her what did she hide. She says she is doing her thing and asks her to focus on hers.

Abhi looks at his bottle and says she thought he will leave his drink for her but that is never going to happen. He says that she thought if she threatens him ro leave the house then he will let his alcohol go but that won’t happen. He hears knocks on the door and says that she has come back as she would have realised it. He opens the door to see Dadi standing there. Dadi asks him for Pragya. He says she is bathing. She asks why would someone bath at this time. He says he has asked her the same but she said this is her house and her rules. She says she has done a mistake by giving him money to buy alcohol. Abhi says she has done the right thing because the love fever of Pragya is finally down from his head. Dadi says love is not something which will go just like that. It stays forever. Abhi says she doesn’t understand. She leaves from there asking him to send Pragya to her. Abhi wonders as to why she is not back yet.

Pragya is walking on the road when two men start teasing her. She tells them she is married but a man asks her to marry him. They both hold her. Abhi comes there and the msn says he wants to marry Pragya. Abhi agrees and about to leave to which Pragya stops him and asks him to save her. He asks her whether she will thank him to which she says yes. Abhi saves Pragya from the goons and they both escape from there.

Rhea comes home remembering Aliya’s words. She says she is done pretending. Prachi comes to her to which Rhea lashes out at her and says she is done pretending. She asks Vikram as to why did he cut his friendship with his father to which he says it’s because of Prachi. Pallavi tells her she will tell her straightly. She tells her that it’s becayse her mother got Prachi married to Ranbir which felt a betrayal for them. The Screen Freezes On Prachi..

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