Kumkum Bhagya 31st December 2019 Written Update: Abhi hears about Rhea’s love for Ranbir

The episode starts with Ranbir saying Rhea that he loves her truly and wants to spend his life with her. Rhea gets extremely happy when Ranbir hugs her. But her happiness dies down the moment Ranbir took Prachi’s name instead of her. She gets devastated hearing it and pushes Ranbir on bed.

Ranbir falls asleep while Rhea checks his cupboard. She finds her photo missing and finds it on floor. She realizes that Ranbir really loves Prachi.

Rhea comes to her room and finds Aliya there. Aliya asks what happened and why’s she crying. Rhea apologizes her in prior for not informing about it to her before. She confess that she’s in love with Ranbir. Aliya gets happy for Rhea hugs her. Abhi who passes by too hears it and gets happy leaves. Later Rhea says about Ranbir loving Prachi shocking Aliya.

Aliya asks how’s that possible and once again talks about class. She consoles Rhea and says that she’ll take care of it. She says that it doesn’t matter who Ranbir it and it only matters whom she loves and asks her to trust her. Rhea leaves and Aliya thinks history is repeating like Pragya its Prachi this time and she gets irked at the fact.

Abhi comes to Purab and informs about what he heard in Rhea’s room. He says that just like him Rhea also likes Ranbir and he’s extremely happy. Purab and Abhi praises Aliya and Rhea’s bond. They wonder if Ranbir too loves Rhea and decides to confirm it.

Next morning Aryan wakes Ranbir and asks about the proposal. Ranbir only she remembers only till the moment when he was lost in Prachi’s beauty. He completely forgot what happened last night after. Aryan scolds him. Pallavi comes there and urges them to get ready and they leave.

Ranbir while coming down bumps with Rhea and Rhea is about to fall down but Ranbir catches her. Aliya sees them in the position and recalls her last night talks with Rhea. Rhea too recalls Ranbir confessing her as well as his recent confession about Prachi. Ranbir too feels guilty as he recall his crush confession towards Rhea. Ranbir apologizes her and says that he doesn’t remember last night event. Rhea is about to confront him when Aliya stops her on time.

She asks Ranbir to go and he leaves. Aliya asks Rhea to not make Ranbir remember as he himself forgot it. Meera ties sacred thread around Rhea’s wrist to protect her from evil eyes. Rhea says that evil eyes has already stuck to her. Aliya manages the situation and takes away Rhea making some excuse to Meera.

Pragya on the other hand recalls her conversation with Prachi and Ranbir. Prachi comes there and Pragya asks about her decision. Prachi says that she has thought whole night. She says she don’t have any feelings for Ranbir.

Saritha Ben scolds Prachi and says Ranbir is the right guy for her. Prachi gets confused. Aliya on the other hand asks promise from Rhea to trust her and do as she says. Rhea agrees.