Kumkum Bhagya 31st May 2024 Written Update: Sukhi gives a slip to RV

Kumkum Bhagya 31st May 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Krishna coming to aside. Prachi comes to Gajendra. Gajendra introduces Prachi to the reporters and says both rallies of their party were a success due to Prachi. Gajendra asks the reporters to come in the evening and says there is an important announcement. The reporters agree.

Sukhi says to RV that he will tell him the truth. Sukhi cooks up a story saying his family is in dire straits and he did all of this for money. Sukhi gives him a slip by running away from RV and Yug. RV fails to catch him.

RV and Yug search in Sukhi’s house. RV hopes that he will find something in the house that will help him in catching Sukhi. RV finds a visiting card and says to Yug that they can use this visiting card in catching Sukhi.

Trishna brings Prachi to her room. Trishna asks Prachi to choose a saree for tonight and leaves from there. Prachi talks to Trishna’s mother about Trishna.

Krishna catches Trishna when she is about to fall. Krishna asks Trishna to take care of herself. Trishna agrees. Trishna says to Krishna that she doesn’t feel bad when he is scolding her and asks Krihsna why is that. Krishna comments on it.

Gajendra looks at the video in which Prachi speaks about their party manifesto. Gajendra praises Prachi to his wife. Gajendra’s wife says there is something special about Prachi as Trishna thinks of Prachi as her best friend.

In the party, Gajendra asks Trishna to connect his phone with the screen to see if it works as play the video of Prachi speaking about their Manifesto. Gajendra later thinks there is a problem with his phone so he sends Prachi to his room to get the pendrive in which there is this video.

Prachi goes into Gajendra’s room and gets stuck in the room as the door is jammed and she is not able to get out. Prachi calls Trishna and she asks Trishna to get her out.

Krishna and Trishna try to get Prachi out. Trishna sees that the door is jammed so she goes to call the locksmith. Krishna asks Prachi for her hair pin and opens the door with it. Krishna and Prachi come face to face for the first time and they hug each other.

Episode ends.

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