Kumkum Bhagya 3rd December 2019 Written Update: Rhea furious over Aliya’s arrest!

The episode starts with Police entering Abhi’s House to arrest Aliya. Vikrant, Meera and Pallavi asks about the reason for Alita’s arrest and they say about Aliya being responsible for a hit and run case. In the meantime Meera goes to call Aliya down as Inspector denied listening to them. Pragya consoles a distraught Purab and asks him to not lose hope. Purab asks how long should he bear as its already 20 years and he can’t bear anymore. Pragya says that God tests those who can able to tolerate it. Purab says that he can’t tolerate it and he failed.

Later he apologizes Pragya for saying like that to doctor and Pragya says that heart and mind works in different way and he just said what his heart wanted to say.
Meera informs Aliya and Rhea about Police being there and Rhea panics. Rhea asks her to not gi but Aliya says that she’ll manage. She goes to check downstairs. Police says Aliya that she has hit Disha and ran away from the spot without helping her. Rhea rubbishes it off but Police says that they’ve traced her car number and also says that they’ve eye witness for it.

Vikrant asks who’s the eye witness and Police says that it’s a girl named Prachi. Rhea shows him the photo and asks if it’s the sake girl and he agrees. Rhea panics and says that she’s lying and whatever she says is a lie. Daadi asks if the girl who got into accident is Disha Singh and police agrees. They steps forward to arrest Aliya but Rhea stops them. She warns them to stay away and Police threatens to arrest her roo. Rhea acts mad while Aliya gets taken being handcuffed. Rhea denies allowing Aliya to be taken away but Aliya hugs her. She asks her to not to believe anyone.
Aliya leaves and Rhea behaves all mad. On the other side Prachi and Shahana come home and gets shocked seeing Madhu alk bandaged.

Madhu explains what happened and Prachi decides to lodge police complaint. Rishi says that they are on the way. Saritha Ben asks about Pragya and Prachi handles it for her. Both Prachi and Shahana leaves to their room and Prachi keeps getting Rhea call. Shahana asks her to cut the call and says that she don’t have to care about Rhea aa she’s no one to her. Prachi agrees and hugs Shahana.
Vikram offers to get Aliya bailed but Rhea says that she don’t want bail as she wants her Bua to be back with a clean chit. Daadi says that Prachi will not lodge wrong complaint and Rhea gets furious hearing it. She asks her to support her family atleast for once. She leaves to get Prachi so that her Bua will be freed and also wants Prachi to apologize Aliya. She leaves despite everyone’s protest. Daadi worries about Disha’s condition.
Rhea comes to Prachi home and pushes Madhu aside when she denied her entry. She shouts for Prachi and Prachi comes in front of her. She looks murderously at Prachi.