Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2024 Written Update: RV’s revelation stuns Khushi

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Prachi calling all of Khushi’s friends to find out about Khushi but they don’t get any lead. Purvi and RV come to Prachi’s house.


Prachi apologises to RV for worrying him. RV says to Prachi that they should have called him right away and comments on them. Purvi says to Prachi how upset she with with them as they haven’t called her when Khushi has gone missing. Prachi apologises to Purvi. RV asks Prachi where have they searched for Khushi. Prachi says they contacted all of Khushi’s friends but they haven’t known anything about Khushi. Purvi hearing this suggests to her family that they should go to the police station.

RV and Tandon family come to the police station and they complaint to the inspector about Khushi going missing. The inspector asks Prachi’s family to calm down and says Armaan already complained about Khushi going missing. The inspector says they are already investigating the case. Purvi shares her suspicion saying Jasbir might have kidnapped Khushi. RV denies Purvi’s suspicion saying Jasbir has no reason to kidnap Khushi and reminds Purvi that Jasbir is in jail. The constable gives a pen drive which contains CCTV footage of the wedding venue to the inspector. The inspector after seeing the footage says to Prachi’s family that Khushi was abducted by a guy in a hoodie and he put her in a tempo and left from there. The inspector says they saw the tempo last time at 55 cross roads. The inspector later leaves from there. Prachi’s family decides to go to the location where the tempo was last seen.

Yug comes to RV and reveals to RV that he saw Khushi at the wedding venue but he didn’t see her later and says he thinks Khushi might be kidnapped. RV says to Yug that they know all of this.

RV and Tandon family overhear the police inspector talking about the tempo. RV asks Prachi’s family to stay here and says they can contact him if they get an update. The Tandon’s agree. RV leaves from there.

RV comes to the tempo location and finds Khushi tied up. RV unties Khushi. Khushi gets shocked that it is Rajvansh. Rajvansh says it has been a long time hearing his name from her mouth. RV introduces himself as Purvi’s husband. Khushi thinks this can’t happen.

Prachi and Visakha come to Jasbir’s aunt and uncle’s house and question them about Khushi. Jasbir’s aunt and uncle say they don’t know anything about Khushi and ask them to leave. Prachi and Visakha leave from there as they don’t get any positive reply.

Prachi comes to the police station and asks the inspector to allow her to meet Jasbir saying she would like to ask him about Khushi. The inspector agrees to allow Prachi to meet Jasbir at her insistence. Prachi meets Jasbir and asks him where is Khushi. Jasbir says he has no reason to abduct Khushi. Prachi later leaves from there as she doesn’t get any lead.

Khushi says this can’t happen. RV asks what can’t happen. RV asks if she thinks he can’t steal her Pandal contract or he can’t marry her sister. Khushi asks RV if he loves Purvi. RV says he only loved Khushi in this life and no one else. Khushi asks RV if he knew Purvi was her sister before the marriage. RV says yes and that’s why he married her.

Episode ends.

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