Kumkum Bhagya 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Somdutt steals jewellery from Rhea’s locker with help of Tanu

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Rhea rips Prachi’s outfit and her bracelet fell down while leaving from the room. Tanu calls Pragya near her and asks how Abhi changed suddenly. Pragya says seems like he accepted the reality. Aryan sits near Shahana but tries to leave seeing his Mom glaring at him but Shahana tries to stop him than he tells Shahana that his mom doesn’t want them to be friends and leaves.

Mitali asks them to divide teams. Tanu divides them in two groups and she chooses Abhi, Aliya, Mitali, Rhea in her team and others in Pragya’s team. Abhi refuses to play than Tanu changes team members and takes Pragya and Rhea, Mitali and Rhea in her side and others in Abhi team. Rhea tells to everyone about rules than she takes chit and sings the song holding Ranbir. Next Abhi takes the chit. Ranbir gives him guitar. Abhi sings Teri meherbani song seeing Pragya. Everyone claps for him. Tanu says wish Baljeet Dadi is here. Pragya asks Mitali to give the Necklace to Tanu which Baljeet wanted to gift her. Mitali asks Rhea to get it from her locker. Rhea about to leave but Tanu asks her to get it later.

Game continues and Pragya gets glimpse of someone, Tanu sees Somdutt entering the venue and she leaves saying going to washroom. Rhea asks them to continue and goes to get the necklace. Prachi comes out from.washroom and notices her dress is ripped and find Rhea bracelet near it than she thinks to concentrate on Tanu Nd and to wear something.

Tanu takes Somdutt to washroom and threatens him with knife and warns him to leave before anyone see him. Somdutt takes knife From her and asks her to give him the money for decomposing the Pradeep body. Tanu says she dont have money. Somdutt tells her he can steal. Tanu asks him to steal the jewellery from sage and consider it as payment. Rhea hears someone’s voice and checks her washroom. Tanu escapes from washroom without Rhea notice. Somdutt comesout from washroom and notices her locker is empty. Tanu remembers how Somdutt stealed things from locker.

Pragya tells to Abhi that she saw someone. Abhi sends Aryan to check who entered. Tanu asks them to continue the game. Next game continues with Aliya song Kuch hona. Tanu asks Pragya if she wants to expose her, like the song. Pragya says it’s just song not indication. Tanu says you’re in my team but wants to make someone win and she asks Pragya to sing song for her to make it rememberable to her.

Episode ends.

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