Kumkum Bhagya 3rd March 2021 Written Update: Pragya gets shocked seeing Tanu at Abhi place

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Prachi goes to Ranbir and he asks if she wants to tell something to him. Prachi thanks him and asks him to take care of himself. Ranbir goes. Prachi thinks Ranbir is good like before even after I hurted him so much. Pragya thinks noone can stop me to meet Abhi. Saritha asks how’s she. Pragya signs ok. Saritha says I know what happened to you and Daljeet Dadi didn’t attended my calls and previously she arranged for your gruhapravesh. Pragya says something is wrong and they are hiding from everyone but I won’t leave until I found it. Saritha asks her to take rest and tells her that Aliya might send you to police station if she saw you near their place. Pragya thinks to enter house as maid and thinks how to hide her face.

Purab cuts Aliya call. Aliya calls manager. Manager gives phone to Purab. Aliya asks how’s he. Purab says I’m middle of something very important. Aliya says tell you’re middle of investigation, it’s police work not yours. Purab says until now police didnt found who’s behind this attack. Aliya says police might take time. Aliya asks if he found it from London. Purab says yes and I already talked to detective agency and they will found it and I will send culprit behind bars for sure and he cuts the call.

Mitali informs to Aliya that Rhea is sleeping from morning. Aliya says I’m already in tension, Purab us investigating about case from London. Mitali says it’s fine but think about Rhea. Aliya says everything will be fine with time.

Pragya arranges breakfast and asks Prachi and Shahana to freshen up to have breakfast. Saritha feels happy seeing Pragya happy face. Pragya tells her that she gonna set everything and tells them that she gonna do Job. Shahana and Prachi feels happy and goes inside. Saritha says she knows what she is planning. Pragya says don’t tell them, they are still kids so let them be happy. Shahana and Prachi comes out and takes selfie. Prachi says you talked with Dad right that’s why you looks so happy. Pragya stays silent and asks them to have breakfast.

Worker Vandana leaves from Abhi home and tells to Mitali that noone can work in this house. Mitali goes to inform Aliya about it. Vandana dashes with Pragya who came in changed avatar and asks who’s she. Pragya about to tell something than Vandana says why I feel I heard your voice than she advices this house is not good and leaves from that place. Pragya thinks to change her voice.

Mitali informs to Aliya that Vandana left job after mocking you. Pragya in Ghoonghat knocks the door. Aliya goes to open the door. Tanu opens the door and asks who’s she. Pragya remembers past incidents seeing Tanu with Aliya and Mitali. Tanu asks who’s she.

At college Ranbir sees Prachi and goes to meet her. Prachi thanks him again. Ranbir asks why again. Prachi says I was rude to you but you helped me when I needed so thank you. Ranbir says I’m good kid. Prachi leaves from that place and notices Palak and thinks to congratulate her and apologies to her for leaving from marriage in middle.

Pragya in changed voice tells them that she came for work seeing advertisement in paper. Mitali says we need worker so your job is confirmed. Aliya stops her and asks Pragya to remove to Ghoonghat. Pragya remembers lockup incident and tells them that she won’t open her Ghoonghat Infront of others, see my work, you don’t need to see my face. Aliya says fine but listen to my condition.

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