Kumkum Bhagya 3rd December 2023 Written Update: Jasveer blackmails Purvi

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd December 2023 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Purvi slapping Jasveer. When Purvi tries to slap Jasveer again Jasveer’s aide stops Purvi. Jasveer says to his aide that it is her right and asks his aide to leave her hand. Prachi takes Purvi away from there and tries to escape from Jasveer.


Prachi and Purvi come into the kitchen. Purvi and Prachi pour oil over the ground. Jasveer comes to the kitchen and locks the door. Jasveer tries to go to Prachi and Purvi but Jasveer slips and falls on his back on the floor. Jasveer loses consciousness. Prachi confirms that Jasveer isn’t dead. Prachi says to her family that they should call the police but they don’t have their phone.

Jasveer’s aide knock on the kitchen door. Prachi and Purvi encourage their family to fight back against Jasveer’s men. Prachi’s family takes kitchen utensils and they threaten Jasveer’s men who come to the kitchen. Jasveer’s men try to wake up Jasveer. Prachi’s family hit Jasveer’s men with kitchen utensils and escape from the kitchen. Jasveer regains consciousness and scolds his men for allowing Purvi to escape.

Prachi’s family tries to leave the house but Jasveer’s men stop Prachi’s family. Jasveer comes and says to his men that he will give Rs 10 lakhs to the person who brings Purvi to him.

Jasveer says to the Pandit that he and Purvi are going to get married right away. Jasveer pours oil in the Havan. Purvi asks Jasveer’s man to leave saying he is hurting her. Jasveer hearing this beats up his man and tries to choke his man as he hurt Purvi. Purvi asks Jasveer to leave him saying he is going to die.

Jasveer agrees to Purvi’s request and and leaves him. Jasveer says to Purvi that he only allowed him to live as she asked for it. Jasveer makes his man apologise to Purvi.

Jasveer asks Pandit to start chanting Mantras. Purvi says she doesn’t want to marry him. Jasveer’s man point their gun at Prachi. Purvi sees this agrees to Jasveer.

Jasveer asks Purvi to wipe his tears. Jasveer asks the Pandit to do the marriage within 3 rounds. Jasveer hears knocking on the door. Ashok says police came here and asks Jasveer to stop it. Jasveer says by the time police come here the marriage will be over.

Rajavansh and Yug come to Prachi’s house. Jasveer asks Rajvansh what is he doing here. Purvi gets surprised seeing Rajvansh here.

Rajvansh comes to Jasveer. Rajvansh asks Purvi if she is marrying Jasveer. Ashutosh says Purvi is about to get engaged to him. Rajvansh asks Ashutosh why is he staying there. Ashutosh says he can’t move from here. Rajvansh asks Purvi if this marriage is happening with her consent. Diya asks Rajvansh where can he see Purvi’s consent in this.

Jasveer asks everyone to shut up and close their eyes for 5 min. Jasveer is about to take Phere with Purvi but Rajvansh stops it and asks Jasveer to leave Purvi’s hand as she doesn’t want to marry him. Jasveer raises his hand at Rajvansh. Rajvansh defends himself.

Episode ends.

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