Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2024 Written Update: Trishna confides to Prachi about her worries

Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Visakha taking Prachi away from there. Visakha complains to Prachi about it. Prachi says to Visakha that she felt bad vibes when she met Monisha the first time. Prachi and Visakha talk about Monisha.

Monisha complaints to Deepika and Vaishali that she couldn’t even see the face of Khushi. Deepika asks Monisha why does she want to see Khushi’s face. Monisha says she wants to see what is so special about Khushi that RV has fallen in love with Khushi. Vaishali says to Monisha that Rajvansh of the past likes Khushi not the RV of now and says both the people are completely different. Vaishali says Rajvansh used to trust anyone in the past but now RV knows a person always hides some intentions behind his face. Monisha says to Deepika that Khushi also doesn’t want RV and Purvi to be together so she wants join with Khushi. Deepika advises Monisha against it and comments on her bad idea. Monisha leaves from there.

RV asks Khushi why is she looking pale. Purvi sees Monisha and she holds RV’s hand to make Monisha jealous. RV says to Purvi that she is looking very beautiful today and he kisses her on the forehead right infront of Khushi. Khushi feels jealous. Monisha burns in jealousy witnessing Purvi and RV close proximity. Purvi takes Khushi away from there.

Purvi asks Khushi why is she upset with Armaan. Khushi says Armaan is always busy with work. Purvi says to Khushi that by seeing this wedding. Armaan will recall his wedding and shower her with love. Khushi says just like the way RV is showering her with love. Purvi says yes.

Purvi later comes with Khushi and says she will introduce them to Krishna. Purvi takes Armaan, RV and Khushi to Krishna. Khushi sees Visakha scolding a waiter. Khushi comes to Visakha and asks Visakha what is she doing. Visakha says the waiter made a mistake. Khushi takes Visakha to aside and asks her to calm down. Visakha sees Karthik and she introduces Karthik as KK to Khushi. Khushi thinks he is the Groom along with Visakha. Karthik leaves from there.

Krishna meets Amar Dayal and talks to him. Purvi brings RV and Armaan to Krishna and introduces them to Krishna. Krishna introduces RV to Trishna in his own way.

Prachi prepares for making Gajar Ka Halwa. Monisha seeing Prachi’s family happy and comments on them in her heart.

Monisha complaints to Deepika and Vaishali about RV kissing Purvi on the forehead. Purvi witnesses all of it from a distance. Purvi decides to not leave any chance to make Monisha jealous.

Purvi dances with RV. Krishna seeing Purvi and RV’s dance dreams of doing a dance with Prachi. Krishna comes out of his dream and thinks he is making a mistake. Krishna takes off the Sehra and backs away. Trishna witnesses all of it from afar. Trishna worries about Krishna backing away from the marriage.

Visakha praises RV and Purvi’s dance. RV sees Monisha leaving and he goes after her.

The Malhotra family comes to the wedding. Visakha introduces Trishna’s mother and father to Malhotra family.

Trishna comes to Prachi and says to Prachi that she is scared Krishna might back away from the marriage and says she saw him worrying about this marriage. Prachi says he might be getting cold feet. Prachi says she will talk to Krishna.

Episode ends.

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