Kumkum Bhagya 4th August 2021 Written Update: Abhi and Pragya gets struck in a lift

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The episode begins with Teji asking the maid to add masalas. She then goes to Pallavi and asks whether the woman who was supposed to marry Ranbir was Rhea Mehra and tells her about their relative who notes for whom she has sent gifts. She tells her that she has seen Rhea Mehra name as Ranbir’s bride. Pallavi says yes. Teji praises her for her selection and tells her that she likes Rhea already and she has become her favourite. She tells her that it doesn’t matter as Rhea has become her daughter in law only. Dida comes to Pallavi and tells her that the whole family is happy hence asks her to be happy as well. She tells her to treat both the daughter in laws equal as the happiness depends on the behaviour of the owner. She gets a call and Pallavi asking her to lift the call leaves from there.

Teji comes to Rhea and tells her that she is her favourite daughter in law. Rhea thanks her. She asks her whether she has any work and Teji tells her that she don’t need to have work to come to her as she is her daughter in law. Teji tells her that they say Mother’s don’t have a favourite daughter but they actually do. She tells her that she is her favourite in this. Teji asks her her win the challenge as the daughter in law who has keys in her hands gets respect more than anyone. She tells her that the daughter in law who has keys keeps the family together just like the ring in the key chain keeps the keys together. Dida hears all these and gets upset.

Abhi follows Pragya who is heading towards the lift. Pragya asks him as to why he is following her to which he tells her that he is her bodyguard. Pragya enters the lift even after Abhi asking her not to. Abhi also enters the lift forcefully. Nisar tries to stop them but till then I lift starts. Pragya tells Abhi as to why did he come here as she can take care of herself and she don’t need him around her. Abhi tells her he is her bodyguard and he knows as to why she doesn’t want him around. He is serving his notice hence she wants to accuse him of not doing his duties. He tells her that he won’t back away and tells her that the lift is damaged. She asks him as to why he didn’t tell her. At the same time Nisar takes the board and shouts at staff for their carelessness. At the same time the lift starts shaking making them panic. Abhi holds her but she pushes him away. He says to himself that he is a rockstar and he is going to a concert which makes her confused. He tells her that he was just kidding about the lift it happened for real hence he is saying this. Pragya keeps her hand on her forehead. They both argue in the lift to which Pragya promises to never talk about their past ever again. They try to break through the lift.

Dida asks Prachi to win the challenge. She tells her the importance of the keys. Prachi takes her blessings asking her to bless her to keep the family happy all the time. Dida gets tears in her eyes.

Nasir break the lift door. Abhi gets out of it with their help but Pragya denies to hold his hand telling him that she has done a mistake earlier. Abhi holds her hand and pulls her up. He shouts at her for her reckless behaviour and leaves from there. Pragya thinks that he has saved her. The Screen Freezes On Pragya’s thoughtful face.

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