Kumkum Bhagya 4th June 2024 Written Update: Monisha gets exposed

Kumkum Bhagya 4th June 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with the cops saying to Malhotra family that Yug asked them to stay here for a few minutes as he found someone that completely knows about this case.

Vikram comes to Hermal and says to Hermal that there is a problem. Vikram says the cops are about to take Purvi away but Yug talked to the cops and asked them to stay for a few minutes as Yug said that he is going to bring someone important to the case. Hermal and Jaswant call Yug but he doesn’t attend their call. Vaishali asks Jaswanth to call Yug and says if Yug tries to help Purvi then it will not be good for their family.

Krishna thinks of how to talk to Prachi as Prachi is not talking to him. Ashok comes to Trishna’s house to take Prachi back home. Ashok greets Gajendra and Trishna and later takes Prachi away from there. Gajendra and Trishna talk about Prachi looking stressed.

RV and Yug bring Sukhi to the Malhotra mansion. RV reveals to the cops that Sukhi is the one who framed Purvi. RV says Sukhi is the one who changed counterfeit currency in their home. The cops asks Sukhi to to tell the truth. Sukhi says he deals in counterfeit currency and he did all of this under Monisha’s instructions. Sukhi says he has paper printing machine and he used to print counterfeit currency. The police inspector goes to check the money printing machine and leaves the rest of the cops to handle Sukhi and says they will return to arrest Monisha.

Trishna comes and reveals to Krishna that Prachi has left the house with Ashok. Krishna asks Trishna how could she leave as he has something important to talk to her. Trishna asks Krishna why does he needs to talk to Prachi. Krishna comments on it.

Deepika says to Malhotra family that Sukhi is lying and asks Malhotra family not to believe him. Monisha also says no one will believe his lies as Malhotra family knows about her. Purvi comments on it. Dadi asks Sukhi what is his name. RV says his name is Sukhi and he found out when he chased him to his home. Harleen and the rest of Malhotra family lash out at RV for putting his life in danger. Sukhi tries to escape but he fails. Sukhi runs into a pillar and loses consciousness. RV asks the cops to tie him up. The cops says they don’t have anything to tie him up. Yug goes to bring a rope.

Trishna says to her mother about Krishna’s weird behaviour. Trishna’s mother says she is thinking too much and asks Trishna to stop it. Trishna agrees.

Harleen asks RV why did he bring him here. RV says if he took him to the police station. The cops would have taken Purvi to the court and even if the told the truth Purvi would have had to stay in jail for 2 days. Yug brings the rope and ties him up. The Malhotra family leave from there.

Episode ends.

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