Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2021 Written Update: Pragya breaksdown seeing Abhi condition

Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Aliya says 3 days are your trail period and I will confirm your job if I like your work and your salary will be 6k. Pragya agrees. Mitali feels happy to get worker for low payment. Tanu asks what’s her name. Pragya says Gayathri. Tanu asks Gayathri to place her suitcases in her room. Pragya thinks why Tanu and Aliya united again. Mitali asks Pragya to clean first floor and asks her to take things from kitchen. Pragya asks whom will tell me where is kitchen. Mitali tells her about kitchen. Pragya goes to take things.

Prachi congratulate Palak for marriage. Other friends looks at her weirdly. Palak takes Prachi aside and asks her to won’t tell anyone about her marriage. Prachi asks why? Someday everyone will know it and please forgive me for leaving from your marriage in the middle. Palak feels hesitated when her friends are seeing them and tells to Prachi that it’s Ranbir plan to get married to you. Prachi asks what do you mean. Palak says Ranbir loves you and want to do anything for you that’s why he planned in this way to marry you because he don’t want to lose you so please don’t fight with him. Prachi gets angry and warns Palak to not talk with her and goes to meet Ranbir.

Saritha calls Pragya and asks if she met Abhi. Pragya tells her not yet and goes upstairs for cleaning. Saritha prays god to unite Pragya with Abhi. Pragya enters to Abhi room with mop and searches for him saying Suniye it’s me. Abhi comes out from his hiding spot when he notices Pragya drops the mop and holds Pragya neck from Backside saying you can’t kill me and he makes her fall down. Aliya and others listens sound from Abhi room and they rushed upstairs thinking brother may kill her. Abhi bites Pragya hand thinking she may hurt him. Aliya asks him to leave her but he won’t than Aliya beats him madly. Pragya cries seeing it. Tanu asks when Doctor will come. Doctor says he will come at 10.30. Mitali asks Gayathri you didn’t get hurt right. Pragya runs to Kitchen and cries reminscing their promises and Abhi’s current condition.

Dadi goes to Gayathri and request her to won’t leave this work because nothing can happen to you. Tai says don’t give fake hopes, who will stay with mad person like Abhi when he is hurting everyone. Dadi says you’re mad not Abhi, leave from here than she asks Gayathri/Pragya to forgive Abhi and tells her that Abhi needs love and here noone can give it to him. Tai takes Dadi with her. Pragya thinks how can Aliya beat him in this way. Aliya asks Mitali to keep Mop outside before he hurts him anyone with it.

Mitali about to take it but Abhi keeps his leg in it. Mitali gets scared than Aliya takes the mop and leave saying she have to call electrician again. Abhi cries saying don’t best me. Tanu tries to go towards him but runs out when Abhi goes to her. Abhi knocks to give him food. Mitali and Aliya discusses they lost another worker. Tai says Dadi emotionally locked her so Gayathri won’t leave her job. Tanu says we can’t get workers if everyone’s found Abhi condition and she goes to talk with Gayathri. Aliya thinks hope she won’t mess up everything. Pragya thinks to leave before anyone doubt her. Tanu enters saying I get to know about you.

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