Kumkum Bhagya 5th June 2024 Written Update: Krishna sneaks into Prachi’s room

Kumkum Bhagya 5th June 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Manpreet asking Prachi and Ashok if Purvi has been released from jail. Ashok says to Manpreet that Purvi has not been taken to court as the cops found the guy who is responsible for this counterfeit currency and they went to find out about the counterfeit currency printing machine. Prachi leaves from there.

Manpreet asks Ashok what happened to Prachi. Ashok says he doesn’t know as Prachi is like that from when she came out of Trishna’s house.

Purvi comes and thanks RV for proving her innocence. RV says he is only repaying the favour as she cleared the traffic for Dadi and took her to the hospital. RV leaves from there.

Khushi calls Purvi and asks Purvi why hasn’t she come to the court. Purvi says RV caught the guy who is printing the counterfeit currency and Sukhi took Monisha’s name and proved his innocence. Khushi gets surprised hearing it.

Krishna comes into Prachi’s room through the window. Prachi asks Krishna why did he come here. Krishna comments on Prachi and asks Prachi why is she not talking to him.

Monisha and Deepika come into their room. Monisha lashes out as RV brought Sukhi into this house and created trouble for her. Deepika asks Monisha to think of a way to save herself. Monisha gets an idea and she thinks of what to do next.

Prachi asks Krishna to leave from here. Krishna says he will not leave before talking to her. Prachi says to Krishna she will not listen to to him. Krishna asks Prachi how will she know why didn’t he come to her if she doesn’t listen to him.

Harman and Vikram talk about Shikha being in their home. Dadaji corrects Vikram as he was saying that Sukhi gave counterfeit currency to Purvi but Sukhi himself said that he gave counterfeit currency to Monisha so Purvi is innocent and says to Harman and others that they should change their behaviour towards Purvi. Dadaji says he doesn’t understand why Sukhi took Monisha’s name and he asks RV about it. RV says he doesn’t know.

Khushi says to Armaan that she doesn’t understand RV and his family behaviour as one time they support Purvi and one time they don’t. Armaan comments on Purvi.

Vaishali asks Monisha why did Sukhi take his name and asks Monisha if she is involved in the counterfeit currency. Monisha says no and sends her away. Deepika asks Monisha why didn’t she tell the truth to Vaishali as she could have helped them. Monisha says nobody should know this truth. Monisha says Sukhi just took her name but he hasn’t proved it so she can still turn things in her favour.

Prachi asks Krishna why didn’t he come to her. Krishna asks Prachi where was she after she died. Prachi asks Krishna why is speaking about the past. Krishna says the answers are in the past.

Episode ends.

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