Kumkum Bhagya 6th January 2023 Written Update: Alia comes up with a plan to destroy Kohli’s family

Kumkum Bhagya 6th January 2023 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Ranbir trying to feed Prachi. Prachi stops him and says she is feeling pain in her stomach and asks him to take her to the doctor. Ranbir asks ger to stay calm. He calls Aryan and Shahana. They take Prachi to the gynecologist. The next day Lawyer comes to Alia’s house. Alia says she is waiting for him. Lawyer says he took time to study the case. Alia asks him to tell her a way to ruin Kohli’s family. Lawyer asks why didnt she inform him that Rhea didn’t file any case on Ranbir and his family. Alia says Rhea is mad, just tell me a way to ruin them. The lawyer advices to Alia that with Rhea’s complaint, they can open the case. Alia says Rhea is not in a position to complain. The lawyer says then they have to wait until Rhea gets well. Alia says there is no time for that and says she wants to destroy the Kohli family and asks the lawyer to tell her the way. The lawyer says to Alia that only with Rhea’s complaint can there be a case against the Kohli family. Alia asks the lawyer to file the case against Kohli’s family in her name. The lawyer advises Alia then it will be weak case and says it will be an open and shut case. Alia gets angry with the lawyer and tells him to leave. Alia recalls what the lawyer said and thinks she has to wake up Rhea.

Aryan tells Ranbir that nothing will happen to Prachi and asks him to calm down. Prachi comes out after a while. Ranbir asks Prachi if she is Ok. The doctor seeing Ranbir’s love for his wife praises him. Ranbir comments on it. The doctor says to Ranbir that this is a false alarm and says he needs to take extra care of Prachi from now on. Ranbir agrees.

Pallavi, Daljeet, and Vikram ask Ranbir why didn’t he tell anyone about Prachi? Ranbir says he is also worried about Prachi and says when Prachi was like that his mind just shut down. Pallavi asks Prachi what did the doctor say. Aryan says there is nothing and says they need to take extra care of Prachi. Pallavi says the doctor might have also known how neglectful he is. Pallavi says she should have scolded him. Daljeet supports Pallavi on this. Vikram says he should have told them. Ranbir apologises and says he will tell them next time. Pallavi says she prepared a reception for them. Ranbir feels excited hearing this. Pallavi asks Prachi to just rest and be ready for the party. Pallavi and others leave from there. Ranbir hugs Prachi.

Pallavi tells Priya that she forgot to send 4 invitations and asks her to send them. Pallavi leaves. Alia comes there. Priya gives her an invitation assuming she is one of the guests. Alia reads the invitation. Priya checks the guest list and tells Alia that it’s not for her but Alia leaves taking it. Priya didn’t inform about it to Pallavi.

Rhea cries recalling Ranbir’s words. Alia comes there and tells Rhea that you’re crying here but they are celebrating Ranbir and Prachi’s reception and invited very few members as they don’t want any bad sight to fall on them but my bad sight is on them. Alia asks Rhea to file a case against Kohli’s family to snatch their happiness.

Priya asks Prachi why she came. Prachi says she came to add Chaat masala as Pallavi likes it. Pallavi notices Prachi modifying the dish according to her choice. Pallavi feels emotional. She reconciles with Prachi and promises Prachi that she will be mother to her from here onwards. Priya comes there and tells Prachi that Ranbir is calling her as he is not getting his jacket. Pallavi asks Prachi to help him. Prachi leaves. Pallavi prays for her family’s happiness. Prachi notices Ranbir is throwing clothes on the bed while searching for his jacket. Prachi stops Ranbir and finds the jacket he is searching. She makes him wear it. Ranbir kisses her. Priya comes there and informs Prachi that Dida is calling her. Prachi goes out and meets Dida and others. Pallavi asks Dida to tie dhaga. Dida ties dhaga to Prachi’s hand. Pallavi says idea tied Dhaaga to me during my pregnancy and I delivered a healthy baby without complications. They hear a calling bell. Pallavi asks Priya to check who came. Priya checks and informs Pallavi it’s Alia and she took an invitation from me forcefully in the morning. Alia comes there.

Episode ends.

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