Kumkum Bhagya 6th October 2020 Written Update : Pragya slaps Riya

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Episode starts with Riya gets call from her friend and goes to room and says let’s party. Pragya follows her and says she loves her daughter. Riya cuts the call, I know you’re worried Aunty and even I’m praying for her health even if she couldn’t survive I will become your daughter to take care of you and I will never let you feel Prachi is not with you and she about to hug her but Pragya says you can never replace my Prachi.

Riya says I’m like your daughter. Pragya says she is mistaken to see Riya real face. Riya says you’re misunderstanding. Pragya says shut up, don’t cover your mistakes, I believed you even though my family members are against you, I believed you always but you tried to kill Prachi hiring Killer and you always wants to spoil Prachi life, you think your Dad won’t understand you but I did mistake to trust you.

Pragya says I gave you this Bracelet to save your life and I gave you my other daughter place becoming your Mother but you want to kill my daughter ruining my family. Riya stays silent. Pragya says you’re lier, selfish and betrayer who thinks about yourself and you don’t care about others. Riya cries and says yes I became lier and Selfish person because of your Prachi and she snatched everything from me and became my problem snatching my Dad and friends. Saritha says you did accident for this reason.

Riya says yes because I was tired listening praises of Prachi and she interfered in my family and becomes everyone favourite and My dad wish to have daughter like Prachi and he wants me to love Prachi like my sister but I can’t so I did what I liked. Pragya asks what she did.

Riya says I did everything to ruin Prachi reputation Infront of everyone and reveals everything she did with Prachi and how Abhi and Ranbir saved Prachi everytime and it’s because of your love and prayers for her and I don’t have anyone than I make her MMS to defame her but it didn’t affect Prachi so this time I made such a good plan that Prachi can’t survive, but she still survived and is still alive today. Pragya is shocked and slaps Rhea.

Ranbir sees Prachi and says to Aryan that he is unable to see Prachi in this condition. Aryan assures everything will be fine. Shahana asks them whether they get info from Driver. Ranbir says seems like he confessed to Prachi Mom and than he asks Nurse about Prachi condition. Nurse says senior Doctor is coming to check Prachi. Ranbir informs them that Prachi condition is getting better and asks them about Prachi’s Mom.

Pragya says your Dad and everyone likes Prachi because she is good and you can’t blame my Prachi, go and asks Ranbir and your Dad why they likes her and how can you try to kill her for this reason? Pragya says I thought I can fill your loneliness with my love but your life is filled with Hate and don’t have space for Love. Saritha says I never saw worst girl like you and blames her brought up. Riya says don’t blame my Dad. Saritha says if everyone get know your crimes than they will blame your Brought up and Blood. Riya says I won’t leave you if you talk against my family.

Saritha says this is the difference between you and Prachi, you don’t have respect for elders that’s why your Dad loves Prachi not you and you’re not equal to Prachi finger and I wish your Dad left you at Orphanage than your Dad will be at peace. Pragya tries to stop her. Saritha says she spoke many things, can’t we tell her reality? If she didn’t get love of her parents than what’s others mistake in it? Maybe her Mom might die in shame raising this kind of girl.

Riya says my Mom is not dead. Saritha says she is not staying with you right? Glad she is at peace while staying away from you otherwise she will be in Pain like your Daughter and even your Mom may love our Prachi. Riya says talk with respect. Pragya asks Riya to leave before she losts her cool saying everything between them is over and warns her to stay away from her Prachi. Riya says I never get my Mom love and Prachi didn’t get her father love that’s why she tried to snatch my dad, how can I live without parents.

Saritha says one day your father will leave you because you’re not worth for Parents love. Pragya stops her. Riya leaves in tears. Saritha says why are you still taking her side. Pragya says we can punish her for mistake but can’t curse her and thinks why can’t she see Riya in pain. Saritha hugs Pragya.

Riya imagination questions why she looks sad when everything is happening according to her plan. Riya says I’m not crying, I wish for Prachi death. Imagination asks than for whom you’re crying. Riya says Prachi tried to snatch my Ranbir so she must be dead and she drives Rashly whole reminscing her fingers with Pragya and nets with accident.

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