Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2021 Written Update: Aliya founds Gayathri is Pragya through Tanu

Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Tanu thinks why Aliya didn’t came to take me and she about to go herself but Ranbir stops her saying Aliya is coming to take her and he praises her beauty than she goes near mirror keeping the water glass at table and in this time Ranbir mixes sleeping pill in her water and he apologizes to her for interrupting her while drinking water and he asks her to drink it. Tanu drinks it than Ranbir leaves from room after thanking her.

Aliya asks Gayathri to remove her veil. Gayathri denies than Aliya says you’re not right to our place so leave from here. Gayathri apologies to Aliya than Aliya gives her another chance and goes upstairs. Ranbir comes downstairs and informs to Pragya that work is done and Tanu can’t marry in her drowzy state. Aliya scolds Tanu after seeing her drowzy state and she thinks Tanu is drunk and she brings Tanu to Mandap and Tanu can’t even stand properly. Judge asks if bride is drunk. Aliya says wedding pressure that’s it. Mitali gives Mangalsutra to Pandit and Aliya asks Mitali to handle Tanu and she goes to judge and tells him that Tanu is slightly drunk. Judge says she can’t even know she is marrying in this state. Aliya says she knows everything.

Pandit lits Havan which makes Abhi gets scared. Gayathri consoles Abhi and supporters him. Ranbir goes to fix the fuse so he won’t get caught and he mixes wrong wires which makes power fluctuations and fire surrounds the mandap. Ranbir removes fuse and goes out. Vikram contacts fire station. Mitali and Tanu comes out from Mandap but Abhi and Gayathri gets strucked. Rhea tells to her Dad that nothing will happen to him. Aliya sends Rhea away saying Abhi’s mental condition is not good and Gayathri will take care of him. Rhea leaves from that place. Judge over hears Aliya words and stands Infront of her.

Ranbir asks chief to come with him but Abhi denies and asks them to control the fire, Pragya stays with Abhi than Ranbir controls the fire. Abhi goes to his room saying he don’t want to marry Tanu and tomorrow I will marry Gayathri not Tanu. Judge about to question Aliya about power of attorney than she sends everyone to their rooms. Judge leaves throwing Torned power of attorney papers at Aliya and she goes behind him. In her drowzy state Tanu warns Gayathri saying she will throw her out from home and she about to fell down than Pragya holds her and Tanu notices Pragya face and losts her consciousness. Ranbir tells to Pragya that Abhi went to his room. Pragya tells him that Tanu caught her. Ranbir tells her she won’t remember anything. Aliya comes inside and Thanks Gayathri for saving her brother and she asks Gayathri toi leave. Pragya notices Torned attorney papers and realises whats Aliya plan.

Next day Aliya scolds Tanu for ruining everything and tells her Servant is better than you because she saved Bhai life. Tanu shouts saying she is Pragya not servant. Aliya gets shocked. Both goes to meet Pragya but they notices she is missing. Mitali tells them Gayathri and Abhi went out to have ice-cream. Aliya leaves shouting Pragya. Mitali asks what happened. Tanu tells her Gayathri is Pragya. Mitali feels shocked. Abhi eats his ice-cream than Pragya says let’s go to home because it’s already late. Abhi asks Aliya won’t beat me for not marrying Tanu right? Pragya says no because she loves you. Killer reaches to their place and Pragya recognises him.

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