Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2024 Written Update: RV comforts Purvi

Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with RV asking Purvi why is she staring at him like that. Purvi says to RV that she would like to tell him something. Purvi apologises to RV for behaving rudely with him in the past. Purvi says to RV that he is a good guy and good husband. RV says to Purvi that he only helped her to return the favour as she helped Dadi. RV asks Purvi not to make an image in her heart and leaves from there.

Monisha says to Deepika that she made that video to save herself but it saved Purvi also. Deepika asks Monisha when did she convince Sukhi to clear his name. Monisha says when he put her at knife point and took her to side she told him that she will get him bail and give him double the money. Deepika praises Monisha. Deepika asks Monisha to do something so that Purvi will realise she is temporary in RV’s life. Monisha says to Deepika that tomorrow is her love anniversary with RV and says Purvi will realise her place tomorrow.

Krishna and Trishna see the weather is really bad. Krishna’s files scatter around the room. Trishna helps RV pick up those papers. Krishna catches Trishna when she is about to fall. Krishna helps Trishna stand up and leaves from there.

Harleen gives medicine to Dadi. Dadi praises Harleen as she is a great daughter in law. Harleen says she wish she could say the same for her daughter in law but from when Purvi entered this house she is intent on destroying this family. Dadi also comments on Purvi.

The lights go off in RV’s house. Purvi gets scared of darkness and asks RV to turn on his phone light. RV turns on the phone light and asks Purvi if she is scream of darkness. Purvi stay silent.

All the Malhotra family talk about the light going off. Harman asks everyone to turn off their phone lights as it has radiation. Dadaji asks someone to get candles. Harleen asks Purvi to get candles from the storeroom. Purvi agrees and leaves from there.

Monisha says now they will see if Purvi is traumatised with what happened in jail or not. Deepika says she doesn’t know what Monisha is talking about.

Purvi searches for Candles but she doesn’t find it. A mouse passes over Purvi’s leg. Purvi recalls what happened in jail and gets scared. Purvi runs to RV and hugs him. Purvi says to RV that there are a lot of mice in the storeroom like in jail. RV comforts Purvi. Monisha gets jealous witnessing it.

Episode ends.

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