Kumkum Bhagya 7th October 2019 Written Update: Abhi and Pragya reunites!


Today episode starts with Pragya ask constable to open the lock up. She calls out Rishi’s name but Rishi don’t response to her. Pragya goes inside the lock up and Rishi hugs her and cries loudly. There, inspector tells to Abhi that Priyanka have to come to the station to identify Rishi. Abhi calls Priyanka and ask her to come. But Priyanka refuses and panics, Abhi ask her to relax. Abhi tells to inspector that he is identifying Rishi is the same man who did wrong with Priyanka. Here, Rishi tells to Pragya what all happened that day between him and Priyanka. He tells to Pyagya that he is victim but none will believe him. Pragya says she believes him and asks him how he got bruises. Rishi reveals that Priyanka’s uncle did it. Pragya decides to meet Abhi.

Abhi calls doctor and ask him to come. Inspector tells to Abhi that Rishi’s aunt is here to meet Rishi. Abhi decides to meet Rishi’s aunt but inspector asks him not to. Pragya ask constable is he was there when Priyanka’s uncle was beating Rishi. Constable says yes. Here, Prachi and Shahana see Madhu hiding something. Sarita comes and ask Madhu how food fell on the floor. Madhu recalls how Abhi beat Rishi and thinks to reveal what all happened with Rishi but she didn’t disclose the truth.

Pragya shouts at Abhi. Abhi after hearing Pragya’s voice recalls his moments with her. He thinks not to face her else if it will be dream than he might won’t be able to hear her voice. Lady inspector stops Pragya from entering the cabin. Pragya vents out at police for making rules only for common man. Abhi calls out Pragya’s name. Pragya turns back and sees Abhi. She recalls her moments with Abhi. Abhi and Pragya get emotional and hugs each other.

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Abhi kisses Pragya’s forehead. Here, Prachi and Sahana discuss about Ranbir. Sahana praises Ranbir and Prachi gets angry. There, Shahana thinks to destroy Pragya and Rishi and discuss what is love with Riya. Riya explains that we never destroy the person whom we love. Priyanka says she use to think alike but now her thinking is changed.

Other side, Abhi asks Pragya how is she and his daughter. Pragya replies she is fine. She asks Abhi how is she and her daughter. Abhi replies she is good. Meanwhile, doctor comes and informs Abhi that Rishi might be having internal injuries. Abhi ask doctor to cure him. Pragya stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

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