Kumkum Bhagya 8th June 2021 Written Update: Tanu and Pradeep plots against Abhi!

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Today’s episode starts with Aliya saying it is Rhea’s wedding but Tanu ruined their excitement. Pragya says they will celebrate Rhea’s wedding and will see tomorrow whatever will happen. Abhi says Rhea might have planned so much for her wedding but because of him latter can’t even celebrate. He leaves the place. Pragya goes behind Abhi. Rhea says she is happy for her wedding. Mitali says Rhea is more excited for her wedding. She adds she is so happy that she can marry Ranveer now. Rhea laughs and says today’s generation expresses their excitement for the wedding. She asks Ranveer about his excitement. Ranveer smiles slightly.

Other side, Tanu waits for Pradeep. She senses the danger and gets knife ready for Pradeep. Pradeep comes and deals with Tanu. Both decide to call lawyer and judge in the wedding so that Abhi doesn’t get a chance to back-off from the wedding. Tanu decides to call her lawyer.

There, Abhi worries for his wedding with Tanu. Pragya assures Abhi that wedding will not happen as Tanu promised them to take back the case before the wedding. Abhi says they thought engagement will not happen but it did happen. Pragya says to Abhi that this time everything will happen according to their plans. She asks him not to worry.

Here, Abhi asks Pragya to say something with love. Pragya about to say ‘I Love You’ but Tanu’s call interrupted duo. Pragya asks Abhi to receive Tanu’s call. Tanu inform Abhi about inviting Mr. Singhania and Judge. Abhi and Pragya gets irked with Tanu. Tanu says to Abhi she can’t see his face but she is sure he is equally excited for the wedding. Afterwards, Tanu thanks Pradeep for suggesting him the idea for calling Judge and Singhania.

Furthermore, Prachi recalls her moments with Ranveer. She breaks the glass. Ranveer comes and says to Prachi that his wedding date is fixed but she didn’t congratulated him. Prachi congratulates Ranveer. Ranveer gets irked with Prachi for still hiding her feelings. He breaks glass and hurt his hand. Prachi worries for Ranveer. Ranveer restricted Prachi for aiding his wound. Prachi cries.

Abhi share his pain with Pragya. He says to Pragya he feels like escaping somewhere. Pragya asks Abhi, if he will leave without her. Abhi says he can’t even survive without her. He worries for his wedding and leaves the place. Pragya receives a call from someone. There, Tanu asks Pradeep to call Judge. Pradeep refuses. Tanu asks Pradeep she doubt if he truly wants to help him than call Judge. Pradeep suggest Tanu to call her lawyer and asks him to invite judge for her wedding. Tanu likes the idea again.

Rhea bumps into Ranveer and sees his wound. She about him about the same. Ranveer yells at Rhea and asks why she wants to learn everything. Rhea says because their wedding is going to happen soon. Ranveer apologizes to Rhea for his rude behaviour and leaves the place. He says to her that he will aid his wound.

Later, Abhi meets Pragya and asks her how she manages to bring smile on his face every time. Prayga says because she knows what can cheer him up. Tanu comes and interrupts the duo. She taunts Pragya. Abhi says to Tanu that if she can’t give respect to Pragya than he can’t give respect to her too. Tanu and Abhi argues. Pragya stops Abhi from doing argument. Tanu asks Pragya to bring her wedding dress at her house. (Episode Ends)

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