Kumkum Bhagya 8th June 2024 Written Update: RV gives his word to Monisha

Kumkum Bhagya 8th June 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with RV bringing Purvi to their room. RV says he will go and bring water for her. Purvi asks RV to stay here. RV teases Purvi and assures Purvi that he is here for her.

Monisha asks Malhotra family if they saw what she saw. Purvi says to RV how much scared she is with seeing the rats.

Harleen says to Monisha that they saw it. Dadaji says to Harleen that Purvi is really scared and it’s a good thing that RV handled her. Dadi says Purvi is acting like she is scared. Monisha reminds Deepika that RV and Purvi’s marriage has no meaning but it doesn’t look like it now and comments on it.

RV asks Purvi to sleep and says he is here for her. Monisha complaints to Harleen that RV hasn’t come till now. RV comes downstairs and says he put Purvi to sleep after a lot of trouble. Harleen criticises RV as she cared for Purvi right infront of them and Monisha. Harleen asks RV if Purvi became that much important to him. RV says he just handled her as Purvi is scared.

Monisha says to RV that now she is scared. RV says he doesn’t understand what is going on. Monisha comments on RV and says to RV how much hurt she is with his behaviour. RV says to Monisha that she is thinking too much. Monisha asks RV if he remembers what is tomorrow. RV says he doesn’t know. Monisha reminds RV that tomorrow is their love anniversary. RV says to Monisha that he doesn’t remember thinks like anniversary and says he doesn’t even remember his own birthday. Harman and Vikrant also agree that RV doesn’t remember anything. Monisha says to RV that he has to take her out on a date. RV agrees.

The next day, Soham’s parents come to Malhotra mansion and they give the invitation for the engagement of Diya and Soham. The Malhotra mansion gets shocked learning that Soham is getting married to Purvi’s sister Diya.

Soham says to RV that tonight he is going out with Diya and he asks RV and Purvi to come with them. RV recalls the word he gave to Monisha and says he has an important meeting. Soham hearing it asks Purvi to come with them. Purvi agrees.

Monisha thinks Purvi will soon understand what is her place in this house.

Purvi comes to Prachi’s house and greets her. Purvi reveals to Prachi that she is going out with Diya and Soham and she will eat food outside with them. Diya asks Prachi to help her get ready. Prachi agrees.

RV and Monisha come to a hotel. Armaan and Khushi are also shown to have come to the hotel. Khushi says to Armaan that Diya and Soham are also coming to this hotel.

Khushi hears RV’s voice and she goes to check it out making up a reason saying she has to go and get her wallet.

RV and Monisha take a seat at their table. Khushi comes and sees Monisha and RV together and thinks what are they doing here.

Armaan takes Khushi away from there. RV goes to take a call. Khushi says to Armaan that she wants 5 min and leaves from there. Khushi decides to find out what is going on here.

Monisha says to Deepika over the phone that she is going to propose to RV today and says she booked a room in this hotel.

RV comes to Monisha. Monisha goes aside to take the call. Rv learns CM is coming to this hotel. Monisha comes to the room and asks the waiter if he mixed the intoxicating powder in the glass. The waiters says yes. Monisha thanks the waiter.

Episode ends.

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