Kumkum Bhagya 8th March 2021 Written Update: Aliya advises Tanu to share a good bond with Rhea to get Abhi

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Episode starts with Prachi says Ranbir feels I’m wrong so he did this marriage plan and you feel I’m wrong so you supported him for his plan but no-one thinks what I need. Shahana says you can’t see Ranbir love for you that’s your mistake, you know what’s in your heart but you don’t want to accept your feelings and He proved his love by helping you whenever you’re in problem. Prachi says you know about him but don’t care about me, so go to him.

Shahana says stop fake acting Infront me. Prachi asks why she takes her to temple for the Marriage which gonna happen with cheating. Shahana says Ranbir realised his mistake and stopped the marriage thinking about your feelings. Prachi says but now he is feeling bad thinking why he didn’t married me that day and this Ranbir is not the one I love, I mean one I know, he is changed. Saritha opens the door and asks where the went. Shahana says I went to Pinky aunty house, ask Prachi where she went. Prachi goes inside saying she strucked in traffic. Saritha thinks seems like they are fighting over some matter.

Nurse tells to Aliya that she will stay in beside room of Abhi and tells them that she can’t stay with him. Aliya agrees and asks her to take care of her Bhai. Dadi asks them to call Rhea to know when she returns to home. Tai says dont feel tensed about her, she will come. Dadi says how can I, when she is drinking seeing Abhi’s condition, it’s good if we didn’t bring Abhi to home but no-one listens to me. Aliya says we arranged nurse.

Dadi says that nurse gets scared seeing him. Aliya says I can’t leave him in mental hospital than company shares, she says I’m not worried about property but worried about brother otherwise can’t raise my hand on him. Dadi says this condition may not come if he is at hospital and he is scared seeing you.

Aliya asks if she have any other idea? Did you feel hospital people take better care than us. Dadi in tears says they won’t but I’m unable to see Abhi condition and he is not even eating food also. Aliya asks Tai to take Dadi inside. Mitali asks why she cares for Dadi. Aliya says I care for everyone who cares Bhai except Pragya. Rhea enters to home in drunken state. Mitali takes her to room.

Aliya shows albums to Tanu and tells her that Rhea is Jaan of Abhi, I love Rhea more than my son and she needs love. Tanu says Pragya is behind Abhi but won’t care about her daughter. Aliya says Abhi forgotten Pragya, increase your bonding with Rhea and once Abhi gets fine he must feel that Pragya left him again and youre with him becoming Rhea’s Mom. Tanu asks in which angle she looks like Mom.

Aliya says I mean enter in Rhea good books. Tanu says she get it. Aliya tells her to how to create that bond and Rhea loves Ranbir. Tanu asks her to make her meet Kohli family to understand everything in better way. Aliya says let’s go than Mitali says first decide who will do work if Gayathri won’t come. Aliya asks her to give Gayathri number to her.

Shahana goes to Prachi Nd apologies to her for lying. Prachi forgives her asks her to tell sorry to her for helping Ranbir. Shahana says she won’t tell second sorry than she sees Pragya and asks her about new school and asks if kids are stubborn. Pragya says everyone is good but their is one kid who I needs to take care. Shahana says you can do it and this kid will become your favourite in the end.

Aliya says I’m happy that you’re returned. Tanu says I may married to someone but my first love is Abhi and want to return previously only but scared thinking if Abhi forgives me or not. Aliya says I can’t forgive you also but it’s better if we move on. Tanu asks what about Abhi. Aliya sats he didn’t remember anything so become his close friend so Bhai must accept you once he gets fine. Tanu says she get it. Aliya says go to Bhai and interact with him because he loved you.

Tanu goes to Abhi room, she gets shocked him with broom. Tanu says I just came to asks you if you have food or not, please don’t hurt me. Abhi leaves the broom and asks her to catch him. Tanu shouts saying someone please save me from this mad man. Abhi closes door and why you said Mad, let’s play. Tanu denies than he raises bat to hit her. Aliya and Mitali goes to room and Abhi hides seeing Aliya.

Abhi asks for food. Mitali says he gets more energy if he have food, sorry Abhi. Tanu says he is mad. Aliya says he will get better, take rest and she asks Mitali to give food to Abhi. Tanu asks what doctor said. Aliya says he said Abhi won’t get cured but we have hope. Mitali goes putting food plate. Abhi don’t know how to eat. Mitali sees from window and thinks he forgot and don’t know how to eat that’s why he keeps asking for food. Pragya meets Doctor and tells him that she is Abhi’s caretaker and asks him to tell her about Abhi’s condition. Doctor says Abhi body parts are impaired, he may move his hand to have food but he can’t have it because his brain and body movements imbalanced, he is like living corpse.

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