Kumkum Bhagya 8th March 2024 Written Update: Deepika provokes Monisha

Kumkum Bhagya 8th March 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Prachi asking the sales manager to check the CCTV footage and they will see if this woman really stole this dress or not.

The cops ask Prachi if she is her sister. Prachi says no and says she can see that this woman is innocent. The sales manager asks his staff to show the CCTV footage at the front desk.

Everyone sees the CCTV footage. Prachi notices that the sales manager ran into Trishna and he accidentally put the dress in Trishna’s bag. Prachi shows it to the sales manager. The sales manager seeing this apologises to Trishna. Trishna says it’s OK. Prachi and Trishna ask the sales manager to think twice before accusing someone and every person is not the same.

Purvi argues with RV. Purvi says to RV that she doesn’t want to go with him. RV mocks Purvi and says he also feels the same way. Purvi and RV scold each other. Purvi brings Monisha into their argument. RV asks Purvi not to bring Monisha into their argument. RV says he is about to marry her but he didn’t. Purvi hearing this asks RV to marry Monisha and says she is leaving this house. RV stops Purvi from leaving the house and says they have to go on a honeymoon for Dadaji. Purvi says she also feels the same way.

Vaishali asks Deepika why is she looking troubled. Deepika says Monisha is lashing out at her. Deepika asks Monisha what is her fault if RV goes on a honeymoon with Purvi. Deepika comments on Monisha. Vaishali asks Deepika to call back Monisha and says they will do whatever it takes but they will not allow RV and Purvi to go on a honeymoon. Deepika agrees and calls Monisha. Deepika asks Monisha to come back right away and says she can’t give up that easily and says she can’t allow RV to leave with Purvi on honeymoon that easily. Monisha agrees.

Trishna thanks Prachi for her help in the shopping mall as she would have gone to jail if she hasn’t helped her and later introduces herself to Prachi. Prachi tries to get an auto but they couldn’t get it. Trishna seeing this offers to drop Prachi and Diya at their destination. Prachi and Diya get into Trishna’s car.

Monisha asks Deepika and Vaishali why did they call her back. Vaishali explains to Monisha that RV married Purvi for revenge and he will leave Purvi once the revenge is completed. Vaishali also asks Monisha to stop blaming Deepika that she hasn’t told RV is marrying Purvi. Monisha agrees. Vaishali later leaves from there.

Dadi asks Purvi what is she doing. Purvi says she is preparing food so they can eat on the way as they don’t know where they can stop to eat. Dadi teases Purvi about it. Dadi sees that Prachi is calling Purvi and she talks to her.

Deepika asks Monisha to call RV and cancel this honeymoon trip. Monisha says she already tried it. Deepika says to Monisha that if RV spends a night with Purvi then RV will belong to Purvi. Monisha says RV will never spend the night with Purvi. Deepika reminds Monisha that RV is still a man.

Episode ends.

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