Kumkum Bhagya 8th September 2022 Written Update: Dida escapes from Alia’s men

Kumkum Bhagya 8th September 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Alia’s men informing Alia that no one is outside. Alia slaps her men for interrupting her in between. She asks them to guard the room. Rhea asks Alia to jot waste her energy on them. She asks her to concentrate on work. Alia asks won’t she feel irritated when someone interrupts her. Goon intervenes and says sorry. Rhea slaps him for interrupting them again. Alia asks him to go out to do his work. Goon leaves. Dida hides again. Alia threatens Sid that she will harm his sister with a knife. Sid begs them to leave his sister. Rhea asks him to promise that he won’t do anything against them. Sid promises them. Rhea and Alia say they can’t trust his words.

Sid holds Rhea’s feet and pleads with her to leave his sister. He promises them that he won’t reveal their truth to anyone. Rhea asks Alia if they can trust him. Alia says seems like we can trust him. Rhea asks Alia when she is planning to leave his sister. Alia asks him to marry Prachi soon to release his sister. Alia warns him to leave after they leave. Goons untie Mihika. Rhea asks what if anyone sees Mihika? Alia says the hotel belongs to my friend and we take her from the back side hotel. Rhea praises Alia’s friend circle. They go out.

Dida sees Rhea and Alia taking some girl with them. She thinks about who’s the girl and why she feels those men are gundas. Rhea catches Dida is watching them. She informs Alia. Rhea and Alia ask their men to kidnap Dida and they plan to tell everyone that Dida went to her village. Alia and Rhea leave with Mihika. Goons go towards Dida. Dida gets alerted. She calls Ranbir.

Vikram asks Ranbir to not attend Dida’s call as she may be called to scold us as we are not in the pooja. They decide to go to pooja. Prachi comes there. Vikram asks Prachi to dress Ranbir’s wound. Prachi says Aryan will do it. Vikram leaves saying ok. Aryan also leaves saying he doesn’t know how to bandage. Ranbir drops his phone. Prachi scolds him for his irresponsible behavior. Ranbir asks her to not scold him. He asks her to stop showing her fake concern. Prachi says I’m telling facts and stop being careless and stupid as you’re not in college. She holds his hand and asks him to come inside but Ranbir doesn’t respond.

Dida escapes from goons and loved herself in a room. Goons beat the door. Dida feels worried seeing there is no network on her phone. She escapes through the window. Goons break the door and follow her. Alia and Rhea argue with each other knowing Dida is escaped from their men. Alia asks Rhea to stay calm and trusts her. Rhea agrees. That time Mihika tries to escape. Rhea pushes Alia and runs behind Mihika. Alia enters her car. Prachi bandages Ranbir’s hand. Ranbir gets tears recalling a recent happening. He takes back his hand from Prachi. He pours antiseptic liquid on his hand.

Prachi says it will burn your hand. Ranbir says his heart is burning and there is no medicine for his pain. Prachi asks him to stop believing in others. Ranbir says he is feeling bad knowing Sid is with her when she needs him and I promised your kid that I will make him have his parents so I will do it. Prachi asks him to listen. Ranbir doesn’t and says now he follows his parents. Prachi asks will you leave me. Ranbir says I love you but I can’t stay with you and I will pray for your and your baby’s happiness. Prachi feels sad.

Episode ends.

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