Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2024 Written Update: Purvi gets emotional

Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Khushi seeing RV and Monisha sitting at the table together. RV says to Monisha that he ordered Sushi for her. Monisha thanks RV.

Khushi calls Purvi and asks Purvi where is RV. Purvi says RV went to a meeting. Khushi shows RV and Monisha together through video call and asks why are they together. Khushi makes up area on saying RV told her that he is going out with Monisha and says the meeting is with Monisha. Khushi comments on it. Purvi cuts the call.

Soham comes to Prachi’s house and takes Purvi and Diya to the hotel.

Khushi keeps spying on Monisha and RV to find out what is going on in between them.

Monisha says to RV if he knows why did they come here. RV says if there is something else beside this. Monisha says to RV that what she is talking about is related to the night she proposed to him. RV thinks about it. Khushi thinks this is definitely not business meeting.

Purvi sits with Diya and Soham at a table. Purvi thinks why did RV hide the truth from her that he is going out with Monisha. Purvi thinks RV will tell the truth once she calls him. Purvi goes to aside to make a call.

Purvi thinks if RV says he is out on meeting with friends and he lies to her then it confirm that RV has feelings for Monisha. Purvi video call RV. RV attends the call. Purvi asks RV if he came to the hotel for the meeting. RV says yes and cuts the call. Purvi thinks RV lied to her and he has feelings for Monisha. Purvi says to herself that he is together with RV only for Diya.

Khushi sees Armaan is continuously calling her. Khushi goes to Armaan. Armaan lashes out at her for being late. Armaan and Khushi later leave from there. Khushi apologises to Purvi in her heart as she could help Purvi but she is not able to it.

Two violin players come and play violin for Monisha and RV. Both of those people congratulate Monisha as it is their love anniversary. Monisha later dances with RV.

Purvi comes to Soham and Diya. Purvi thinks she should not trouble Soham and Diya with her troubles. Purvi acts as if everything is fine.

Soham talks about Purvi and RV together as a pair and says they look like a match made in heaven. Soham greets his friend. Purvi leaves from there. Soham calls for Diya.

Purvi thinks about Soham’s words. Purvi in the dressing room recalls what happened and cries to herself.

Diya knocks on the room door and calls for Purvi. Purvi wipes her tears and asks Diya what happened. Diya asks Purvi if she is crying. Purvi says nothing happened and says they needs to go to Soham.

RV asks Monisha what is all this. Monisha says this is her love for him. The waiter brings the cake and champagne. Moniha asks the waiter to open the champagne at the same time they cut the cake. The waiter agrees.

RV and Monisha cut the cake. The waiter opens the champagne. Monisha gives the spiked champagne to RV and she takes another glass that is not spiked. RV gets a call and he puts the glass aside. Monisha also puts the glass beside RV’s glass. RV after the call takes Monisha’s glass. Monisha seeing this feels upset as her plan could fail.

Episode ends.

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