Kumkum Bhagya 9th March 2021 Written Update: Ranbir denies to marry Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya 9th March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Doctor says Abhi is living corpse and someday he may kill himself. Pragya says Doctor is god in earth so search option to save him. Doctor says I’m talking with my senior to search options, care him with your positive thinking and he may get treated with your care too and first thing we have to get him out of his fear and than we have to keep him away from shock like he can’t bear sudden revelations and hapiness so take care of it. Pragya agrees and goes.

Tanu says i hope I did what you wanted. Rhea happily hugs her. Tanu says I get to know you love Ranbir so much and at bad times you need love. Rhea goes to change her dress. Aliya says I told you like Rhea gonna like you. Vikram and Pallavi reaches to Abhi place. Mitali gets surprised seeing Gayathri/Pragya. Gayathri says she is not scared to leave work but I won’t bear if he bite me. Mitali says it won’t happen because I will accompany you to Abhi room and I will inform Aliya that you’re back to work.

Aliya introduces Tanu to Vikram and Pallavi. Mitali excitedly tells that Gayathri is back. Vikram asks who’s this veiled lady. Tanu says she is new worker who gonna take care of Abhi and they calls her. Ranbir dashes with her. Pragya adjust her veil and feels emotional seeing Rhea. Aliya says today is Special day. Tanu says I get to know how much Rhea love Ranbir and at this time change if atmosphere needed so I proposed something to Aliya. Vikram asks what it’s. Aliya says let’s plan for Rhea and Ranbir engagement and after 10days we can get them married. Ranbir, Pragya and Vikram gets shocked. Pragya thinks Prachi likes Ranbir. Aliya says we have to fulfill Abhi’s responsibility by getting them married. Tai asks Mitali to take Gayathri to upstairs. Everyone feeds sweets to eachother.

Pallavi says let’s show Kundli to Pandit to fix marriage date. Ranbir denies to get engaged to Rhea and leaves from that place. Vikram and Pallavi follows him. Aliya tries to support Rhea but Rhea shouts saying what’s his problem? And goes. Pragya sees Abhi though glass door and thinks both are my daughter’s and if Ranbir loves Prachi than why he is not denying to marry Prachi. Mitali asks Pragya to give medicines to Abhi. Pragya says i will make Haldi Leo for him.

Pallavi asks why won’t he listen to his words. Ranbir says why can’t you understand me? And how can you guys arrange my marriage? Previously I agreed to this marriage seeing your health condition but I heard when Doctor told you that their is no problem to your heart so now I won’t marry Rhea, you lied to me and I found it, he goes to his room. Pallavi gets shocked and she apologies to Vikram for her lie and asks him to support her for Abhi who wants Rhea marriage with Ranbir. Aryan goes to meet Ranbir.

Worker asks Gayathri to don’t enter his room because he is animal. Gayathri/Pragya gets angry and goes to Abhi room after mocking worker and Mitali. Aryan asks Ranbir to don’t get panicked. Ranbir says how can not get panicked? Prachi is not attending my calls and here my parents arranging my marriage, I will call Prachi until she accepts it. Prachi attends call. Ranbir apologies to Prachi and tells her that my family wants me to get engaged to Rhea, wish I was married to you that day.

Prachi cries. Rhea enters to Ranbir house. Ranbir asks Prachi to marry him to set everything and promises her that he will keep her happy in the whole life. Rhea thinks why Ranbir is denying for marriage. Ranbir asks Prachi to answer him and I wish we were married that day in temple so this problem may not raised. Rhea gets shocked hearing his words.

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