Kumkum Bhagya 9th October 2019 Written Update: Ego clash between Abhi and Pragya!

Today’s episode starts with Abhi stops Pragya and asks is he so bad. Pragya says he is not bad but sometimes he takes wrong decision. Abhi ask Pragya try to understand. Pragya says to Abhi that she has to go somewhere. Abhi says but hhe wants to talk with her. Disha comes and Pragya goes to meet Rishi. Abhi gets angry on Pragya. Ahead, doctor examines Rishi and tells to Pragya that Rishi is fine.

Pragya tells to Rishi that he will get bail by tomorrow. Here, Priyanka ask Abhi, is it important to go police station. Abhi says yes. Later, Priyanks thinks now she will blackmail Rishi’s family to get her married to Rishi if they want her to withdraw the case. There, Pragya lies to Rishi’s grandmother and tells her that Rishi is busy in playing cricket. Disha ask Pragya not to worry everything will be fine by tomorrow.

Abhi talks with Pragya’s photo and ask her why she always thinks opposite to him. Meera knocks the door. Abhi reveals to Meera that he met Pragya today. Meera stands shocked. Afterwards, she asks why he didn’t bring her home. Abhi says next time he will sure bring her. Futher, Disha and Pragya talks with each other. Disha ask Pragya why she is fighting with Abhi because of Rishi.

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कुमकुम भाग्य 9 अक्टूबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट:- अभि नींद में प्रज्ञा के सपने देखता है !

Pragya days fight between them is not because of Rishi and Priyanka instead they are fighting, as they keep different point of view. She asks Disha not to talk about Abhi anymore. Disha thinks Abhi and Pragya fights a lot but their love is above every fight.

Abhi in his sleep dreams of Pragya. He wakes up and calls Disha. Disha thinks to increase Abhi’s restlessness and didn’t give call to Pragya. Disha thinks she deliberately didn’t give call to Pragya because she wants Abhi to come and meet Pragya face to face. Here, Abhi thinks why Disha is becoming enemy of their love and decides to meet Pragya. (Episode Ends)