Kumkum Bhagya: Rhea and Sid to get married?

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Zee TV’s popular show Kukum Bhagya has always received love from viewers for it’s amazing character and story build. Kumkum Bhagya has always managed to take in account the suggestions of fans as and when required. With the story now focusing on Prachi, Ranbir, Sid and Rhea. With Sid and Rhea in trouble, the makers are planning to make two sister marry to two brothers.

In the current track, With Rhea and Sid trapped in a drug case. Rhea is in a club where Sid is also present. The club gets raided by police. Rhea and others get arrested. Sid saves Rhea. Sid makes the police see that they are married couple and were having a dispute.

Rhea is shocked but agrees that she is Sid’s wife. When police asks about drugs, Rhea says some other girl had put it. With the ub nit havinga CCTV footage, they are released and they both come out of the police station together. Rhea thanks Sid.

They are in hiding. Prachi and Ranbir get to know about it and think to help Sid. Prachi constantly feels Rhea is somewhere near. Prachi and Ranbir try their level best to find Sid and protect here.

Sid and Rhea hide in Rhea’s house but Jenny comes there and they run to look for another hiding. Sid asks Rhea if they should marry for real to give police proof but Rhea says she can’t marry stranger like him.

Rhea and Sid land up in a marriage and ask the bride and groom for the help. Sid and Rhea discuss whether they should get married as suggested by the bride and groom, seeing the police they decide to get married.

Later, Prachi and Rhea’s hand brush against each other in the crowd and Prachi follows Rhea. The marriage ceremony of Rhea and Sid starts and when it ends, Prachi and Ranbir see Rhea and Sid married and they get shocked.

In the upcoming episodes, Pragya will see Abhi coughing and will give him water. Here, Pallavi will say she won’t accept Sid’s wife. Rhea sees Pallavi and gets shocked.

Will a new love story start between Rhea and Sid? Will Prachi and Ranbir be able to help Rhea and Sid? What will happen to Prachi and Ranbir’s love story? Keep following this space for more information about your favorite shows.