Kumkum Bhagya: Rhea to accuse Prachi?

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As reported earlier Rhea ripped Prachi dress and left from room but she didn’t noticed that she dropped her bracelet in room. Tanu divided the teams for antakshari and misses Baljeet presence.

Pragya got reminded about necklace Baljeet wanted to gift Tanu. Mitali asked Rhea to brough the necklace from locker but Tanu asks her to get it later. During thr game Tanu saw Somdutt sneaking into the house. Pragya too catched a glimpse of him.

Tanu tried to threaten Somdutt with a knife but he asked for his money. Tanu asked him to steal the jewellery from the safe than she helped him to steal it. Rhea went to her room and heard some noise than she checked her bathroom but Tanu left without Rhea notice.

Rhea founds the locker is empty. Prachi realised that Rhea spoiler her dress seeing the bracelet. Pragya informed to Abhi that she saw someone entering the home. Abhi sent Aryan to see if someone entered the house.
In the upcoming episode viewers will witness that Ranbir will asks Prachi to tell him how to stay away from her? And He will asks her to do a favor on him and he request her to not to be so good infront of him.

Rhea will accuses Prachi for asking Somdutt to steal the jewellery. Abhi asks them to be quiet and says he knows well who can steal and who can’t. Ranbir will tell to everyone that the thief had said that someone from us asked him to steal.

Abhi will ask everyone to wait until Somdutt gains consciousness to know the person who asked him to steal. Tanu will gets tensed

Will Somdutt reveal Tanu’s name? How will Tanu gets escaped from Pradeep’s murder case?
All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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