Kumkum Bhagya Weekly Update: Pallavi asks Rhea to agree with her fake divorce plan.

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Zee TV Popular show Kumkum Bhagya is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline and the twist and turns of the show have glued the audience to the screens.

This week Kumkum Bhagya begins with Ranbir asking Pallavi why she lied about Laddoo. Pallavi says lied to make Prachi eat. Ranbir asks Pallavi for forgiveness. Pallavi says she has learned her lesson from her mistakes. Pallavi asks Ranbir to forgive her.

Ranbir and Pallavi hug each other and Pallavi tells him to go to Prachi. Rhea sees this and thinks whether she is acting or is this real. After Ranbir goes away. Pallavi calls Rhea and warns her to not keep an eye on her she doesn’t like it.
Ranbir comes and asks what is going on. Aryan proposes to play a game of Truth and Dare. Mili kissed Aryan in her dare. Shahana tells she doesn’t have a boyfriend in truth.

Aryan in truth says his first girlfriend is in college and she doesn’t know that I love her. Ranbir asks if she still loves him. Prachi doesn’t answer and because of sudden rain, they stop the game. Mili asks where is her room.

Shahana takes Mili with her saying she can stay in her room. Prachi leaves. Ranbir leaves behind Prachi managing Aryan. Aryan sees Rhea in tears. Ranbir and Prachi share a moment. He kisses her cheek. Prachi gets shocked.
Aryan asks Rhea why she looks worried. Rhea says you congratulated Prachi and danced for her but not for me even though I’m married and pregnant. Aryan feels happy and congratulates her.

He tells her he wished her first if he knows it. Rhea says no one is happy. Aryan asks her to tell him everything so he can help her. Rhea in tears tells him she is the wife of Ranbir like Prachi and carrying his baby.
Ranbir says he didn’t do any mistakes. Prachi asks him to stay away. She turns and her hair hurts his eye. She feels worried and takes care of his eye. He tells her it won’t be set until she answers him.

Prachi says here the game is not going on here, Ranbir. Ranbir says you can lie in game, but not here. He asks do you still love me. She says yes. He gets happy and hugs her. Prachi recalls how Rhea pleaded with her for her baby. She leaves breaking the hug.

Shahana follows Prachi and asks her what happened. Prachi says I was moving towards Ranbir and thought about him, which I shall not do, he is my sister’s husband. She says I can’t come between them. Rhea and Pallavi hear and get happy.

Prachi says she has to sacrifice for her sister’s happiness and tells Shahana that she shall leave the house. Pallavi gets worried. Shahana tries to change her decision but she didn’t change.

Aryan tells Ranbir that Rhea may manipulate him too. He hugs Ranbir and says Rhea didn’t change. Rhea goes to Alia’s room and tells Alia and Shaina that she is happy as Prachi decided to leave the house for my and my baby’s happiness and tomorrow she is leaving. Rhea praises Alia’s plan and celebrates her happiness.

Pallavi asks Dida to stop Prachi. She recalls Wendy’s words that Prachi’s baby is lucky for them. Dida advises Pallavi to clear the problem of Prachi. Pallavi leaves to her room.

She tells Vikram that she has to ask Rhea to leave the house by divorcing Ranbir so Prachi can stay here. Vikram gets shocked. Rhea feels happy that Prachi decided to leave the house.

She goes to call Ranbir but Ranbir denies to accompany her and doubts her pregnancy and tells her that Prachi is matter to him. Rhea gets furious.

Rhea vents her frustration in front of Alia and Shaina. Alia says Pallavi can help her, she asks Rhea to talk with Pallavi. Rhea decides to implement her plan in front of Pallavi to make Prachi leave the house.

The next day Prachi wakes up. She says to Ranbir it’s uncomfortable to sleep here right. Ranbir says he slept peacefully and now he saw her face so his day will be good too. He goes to get freshen up.
Shahana comes to Prachi’s room and asks if she woke up. Prachi tells Shahana that she doesn’t want to leave. Rhea asks Pallavi to make Prachi leave the house to make me feel secure.

Pallavi says she will talk with Prachi. Rhea feels happy. Pallavi says she will ask Prachi to leave after 9 months and for that, you need to divorce Ranbir. Rhea gets shocked and leaves. Prachi confesses to Shahana that she loves Ranbir. Ranbir feels happy hearing it. He comes behind her and kisses her.

Pallavi follows Rhea and warns her to not walk away when she is talking as I’m your mother in law and not your Bua to disrespect me. Rhea says Prachi is everything to you and you’re ignoring me and Prachi can’t have a wonderful baby.

Pallavi asks her to stop. Rhea says you’re snatching dad from my baby. Pallavi says she wants Prachi to stay here so it’s the plan. Dida and Vikram ask what plan they are talking about. Pallavi manages them. Rhea leaves and collides with Prachi. She argues with Prachi but the latter rebukes her.

Alia asks Rhea what happened. Rhea tells what Pallavi told her. Alia tells Pallavi needs to answer me otherwise she has to face the worst side of mine. Alia goes to Pallavi’s room.

Pallavi invites her inside and closes the door. Alia tells Pallavi to not forget about what she can do. She warns her that she won’t bear it if anyone does injustice to Rhea. Dida comes there to see what happens.

Pallavi warns her to not talk in this way and stop reacting like Rhea. Pallavi says I told Rhea to divorce Ranbir as I want Prachi here. Dida feels happy hearing it. Pallavi hears the sound and opens the door. Dida leaves.

Pallavi says today’s papers will come and Rhea has to sign them. Rhea says she won’t sign any papers and won’t divorce him. Alia seconds her. Pallavi asks them to stop interrupting her.

She says papers will reach court but divorce won’t happen as the date will be wrong in it and we have to make Prachi feel comfortable by making her believe that divorce is happening and once the baby is born then I will throw out Prachi from here and I care about my happiness which is in the first baby of Ranbir.

Dida wants to reveal this good news to Prachi and Ranbir but she stops herself from seeing Prachi’s care for Rhea.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers going to witness Rhea will slaps Shahana and says how dare you? Prachi will support Shahana. Dida will ask Rhea if she has gone mad and raises her hand.

Rhea will push Dida. Ranbir and Vikram will hold Dida. Pallavi will shout at Rhea and says today you have crossed all limits, now cross the last limit and she asks Rhea to get out of their house.

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