Kumkum Bhagya Weekly Update: Rahul holds Daljeet hostage.

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Zee TV Popular show Kumkum Bhagya is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline and the twist and turns of the show have glued the audience to the screens.

This week Kumkum Bhagya begins with Mihika entering the Kohli mansion from the backside and getting shocked seeing Rahul and his friends with a gun and chemical powder. She runs inside. Rahul follows her. The goons who kidnapped Dida are chased by police.

Goons inform Alia that Police are chasing them. Alia asks them to reach a safe place. Ranbir sees Mihika. He asks her what happened to her. Mihika recognizes Prachi. Ranbir introduces Mihika as Sid’s sister to Prachi.

Prachi asks her what happened seeing the marks on her hand. Rahul comes there and stops Mihika from revealing about them pointing a gun at Ranbir.

Mihika goes with Rahul. Mihika asks him to stop using that chemical as I’m a chemical student and knows with the usage of that powder someone may lose their life. Rahul acts as if he will talk to Jay and he doesn’t want to harm anyone. Mihika goes to Ranbir and tells him that she wants to tell him about Sid and Rhea. Ranbir says I know it and leaves. Rahul takes Mihika.

Goons bring Dida to Kohli’s mansion assuming it’s a safe place. They take Dida inside. Police come there and see the car. They search for goons. Rhea mocks Prachi and calls her child an illegitimate one. Prachi gets angry and slaps Rhea saying not to say anything about her child. Rhea tries to slap her. Prachi catches her hand and says not to force her to be bad.

Pallavi calls Prachi saying she has some work with her. The goons carry the unconscious Daljeet into the room. They hear Pallavi’s voice and hide there leaving Daljeet in the room. Pallavi asks Prachi to sit down. Pallavi calls Ranbir and says to him to bring Sid and Pandit Ji to her room.

Rahul makes Mihika unconscious and hides her under the table. Ranbir takes Sid and Pandit to Pallavi’s room. The police come home and tell Vikram that they saw some goons break in. Rhea starts panicking and tells Alia that they may get exposed. Pandit finalises the muhurta. Prachi finds Daljeet unconscious behind the sofa and tied up. Ranbir and others make her sleep on the bed and sprinkle water on her face.

Dida gains consciousness. Inspector fires his questions. Rhea and Alia slowly leave the room. Prachi asks Dida if she remembers who bought her home and who’s responsible for her state. Dida points at Rhea and Alia and takes their names. Rhea and Alia leave from there. Ranbir and the police follow them. Pallavi asks if they did it. Dida says she knows the truth and takes them out. Dida confronts Rhea and Alia for kidnapping some girl and sends her men behind her.

Rahul and his friends decide to wait till the police leave the house. Alia says Rhea called Mihika here to reunite her with this family and she wants to make Dida accept her. Dida asks them to stop the drama. Mihika comes there and says whatever you saw is correct but you misunderstood the situation.

Rhea and Alia smirk. It’s shown how they find Mihika coming out from the table. They threaten Mihika to say what they told her to save Sid’s life. Mihika says no one kidnapped me and whatever Rhea said is correct and she called me here to unite me with this family. Sid thinks Mihika might be blackmailed by Rhea.

Rhea asks Dida to accept Mihika. Prachi says Rhea is correct. She requests Dida to accept Mihika for her. Dida accepts Mihika as her granddaughter. Rhea says the whole family is happy.

She tells Mihika that Prachi and Sid are going to get married this week and Tuesday is the engagement. Mihika says it’s great news and I like Prachi from the time I heard Sid’s praises for her. Ranbir looks unhappy.

Rhea and Alia celebrate their victory and thank Mihika. Sid comes and requests Alia and Rhea to leave Mihika but they don’t agree. Alia calls the Goons and says to Sid that they will be with him as their office boys. Rahul and his friends decide to execute their plan.

Shahana notices that Prachi is worried about her life. Shahana sees Aryan eating chips. She gets angry at him seeing this. Shahana orders Aryan to check on Ranbir. Aryan goes to check on Ranbir.

Ranbir talks to Aryan about Prachi and says he doesn’t care anymore and says everyone can do whatever they want. Mihika says to Rhea and Alia that she saw some people in the kitchen with guns. Rhea and Alia laugh at her saying that she is really lousy storyteller.

Daljeet raises her concerns about Rhea to Pallavi. Pallavi says to Daljeet that she atleast has to trust Rhea a little.

Rahul takes Daljeet hostage. The thugs take phones from everyone. Ranbir doesn’t give his phone. The thug threatens him with a gun. Prachi takes the phone from Ranbir and gives it to the thug. Daljeet requests Rahul to leave her. But he doesn’t.

Prachi seeing this gets angry at him and slaps him. Rahul asks his friend Manish to teach Prachi a lesson. Manish slips and falls on Rahul. Everywhere is in confusion. Manish tries to shoot Prachi. Ranbir seeing this takes Prachi to a side. Manish fires the gun in the air. He asks everyone to stand where they are. Vikram and Pallavi are captured.

Ranbir and Prachi start arguing with each other. Shahana sees this and thinks they look cute like this. Alia and Rhea talk about what Mihika said. They start blaming each other. Sid attacks Rhea as she insults him. Alia warns him to never do it. Shahana sees Prachi and Ranbir’s argument is heating up.

Shahana shouts and says they have to save Vikram and Pallavi. Ranbir and Prachi search the thug’s bag and they find the gun and they go to save Vikram and Pallavi with it.

Shahana runs into Rhea. Rhea asks Shahana where is Ranbir. Shahana says he is with Prachi. Rhea warns Shahana and says if Shahana misbehaves then she will see what Rhea is capable of. Shahana kicks Rhea and says not to behave with her. Shahana leaves. Rhea says Shahana will die today.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers going to witness Ranbir and Prachi will continue to bicker with each other. Ranbir will ask Prachi when she hated it. Prachi will say from the moment you’re talking. Ranbir will say that’s why you always say you’re not my friend. Prachi will say that’s true as I’m your wife, not your friend.

Prachi stops realizing what she said. Prachi and Ranbir will go to the place where Rhea and Sid are present. Sid will ask Ranbir to stay away from Rhea as she is the worst human being and she doesn’t want Prachi’s happiness.

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